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Imagine a safari in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, tailor made for you

Superb! Amazing! Incredible! Pick any superlative you want and Ngorongoro will not disappoint you. Many people refer to it as the eight wonder of the world. Numerous wild animals live and breed here up in the highlands of North-Eastern Tanzania. 

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a park and UNESCO World Heritage site. It contains an old volcano that has collapsed and formed a crater (caldera). The steep sides of the crater have become a natural enclosure making most of the wildlife stay there, and not migrate like in other national parks. 

Get a Ngorongoro safari tailor made for your group, or join small group game drives.

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He respond to every email really fast, they listened to out wishes and they organized the best safari! We had the best driver Hilary - he’s funny, he jokes a lot but also he knows a lot of stuff about animals and knows where to find them. We saw 3 huntings in 4 day safari, a big migration and a lot of baby animals, all thanks to Hilary. All camps were perfectly fine and the food was delicious.
— Albert ★★★★★
My husband and I are extremely happy with the wonderful experience we had during the 7-day safari in Maasai Mara, Serengeti and Ngoro-Ngoro.

They had organised it in such a perfect way with superb service, touching care and utmost attention to details that let us live really unforgetable moments. Thank you so much, guys! Everything was exceptional - planning of the trip, the advices you gave us, the choice of camps & lodges, the guides (all my love to Ben & Dan in Maasai and especially to Ephraim in Tanzania and Steve at Robanda), the smooth transfers, flights and drives. Perfect! We did feel so special, loved and doved indeed!I would recommend you full-heartedly to every person willing to enjoy the beauty of Africa! Thanks a lot!
— Dessy ★★★★★

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