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Travelers ❤ our local experts

“I dreamed it and Mario made all of the arrangements. Mario is an excellent communicator, responded quickly to my e-mail questions and was able to dial-in on just the trip we wanted”


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I love planning myself. Why use Nanook?

Planning a perfect vacation can be a frustrating experience. We spend numerous hours with online research that mostly leave us with far too many choices. The information we find is not updated, and in the end we end up booking via expensive middlemen.

Imagine that you, instead, get matched with local experts that can offer insider travel advise based on your personal interests. Someone that can handcraft your whole vacation, or find the best available small group tours in the destination. 


What is Nanook?

Nanook is a global movement of more than 2000 local travel experts committed to sharing amazing experiences and insider knowledge. Being a partner of Nanook not only require high quality, but also local ownership and a sustainable philosophy. 


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Get a much better trip

√  HIGHER QUALITY - Carefully selected specialists

√ ADDED VALUE - local prices, insider knowledge

√  SMOOTH PLANNING - save time and hassle

√  MORE SAFETY - verified providers, happiness guarantee

√ 100% TRANSPARENCY - open pricing, direct dialogue

Be a responsible traveler

√ TRAVEL more sustainable People, Planet, Profit

√ CHOOSE local passionate quality providers

√  REMOVE ocean plastic via empower.eco

√ SUPPORT local economies instead of big tour operators

√ EXPLORE the world outside the tourist traps