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The legendary Mt Kilimanjaro trek

Mt Kilimanjaro the famed ice capped mountain lies just 3° south of the equator. As Tanzania's landmark, Kilimanjaro towers over the surrounding African plains. In fact, it is the highest freestanding mountain in the world (5,895 meters/ 19,341 ft). It is also the highest mountain that can be climbed without technical equipment and climbing skills.

For the most part, it takes just putting one foot in front of the other. Although this sounds simple, it is most likely the toughest challenge you will ever face. The biggest obstacle is lack of oxygen at such a high altitude. Without expert guidance, this climb can be very dangerous. Our partners have years of experience in leading climbs. The success rate place us among the industry leaders and we guarantee they will not compromise your safety; using only quality equipment and only the best experienced guides and cooks. The guides are trained to monitor your physical condition and know how to pace the group accordingly; offering you the greatest chance of a successful summit. 

A Mt. Kilimanjaro climb is unique in that within the span of a few days, you pass through a wide variety of climates and vegetation zones; from tropical rain forest to near arctic conditions. The mountain is regulated by Kilimanjaro National Park which has strict rules concerning routes allowed and climber’s safety. Of the route choices, the Marangu Route has sleeping huts for overnights. The huts are basic but have solar lighting. On the other routes, tents are used for overnights. Because of altitude acclimatization being a big challenge, adding an extra day to the climbing itinerary can improve the chance of success substantially.

Let us help you choose the route and itinerary that is right for you. On the bottom of the page is a short guide with a short description of the 7 routes to help you make a better choice the day you decide to conquer Africas highest summit. 

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Our trip to Tanzania was among the best holidays we ever had so far and we believe we are what you would call memorable adventure. Some friends of ours recommended it to us. The customer service is just great. Email replies are prompt and they answered all questions that we had about our safari and trekking

We did 12 day safari and trekking, Trekking Kilimanjaro 6day Marangu Route first before going safari and we make it, our Guides and everyone in our group was friendly following by safari for 6days, all went very fine

Overall I think that when you go on safari the difference between a good and an excellent experience is the guide and Maglan was definitely an excellent one. He answer any question about the wildlife that we had and we had a lot of questions and we very much enjoyed his company and his sense of humour
— Lyndsey ★★★★★

See a video from the Machame Route

What route should you choose for your Mount Kilimanjaro Trek?

There are seven traditional routes to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. It might be a challenge to choose which one is the right one for you, so this article aims to help you pick between the Umbwe route, Marangu Route, Machame route, Lemosho Route, Shira Route, Rongai Route and Northern Circuit. In this little guide you can find a short description of these routes and make a better choice the day you decide to conquer Africas highest summit. 

Marangu Route aka the "Coca Cola Route" ** - Crowded
The Marangu route is the oldest and the most established route. Many people will choose this one because it is considered the easiest way up due to its gradual slopes. The Marangu route is also the only route that offers mountain huts for sleep and accommodation. You will normally use at least five days to reach the top.

  • Views and scenery: Good. 
  • Difficulty level: Moderate.
  • Traffic level: High

Machame Route aka the "Whiskey Route" *** - Decent
Nowadays, the Machame route is the most popular. It is harder and more demanding than the Marangu Route, and will attract a more adventurous type of people with more hiking experience. You have to estimate a minimum of six days for this trip, but seven will probably be more accurate. 

  • Views and scenery: Excellent
  • Difficulty level: Hard
  • Traffic level: High

Lemosho Route**** - Recommended
This is a great choice if you want the most beautiful scenery with not too many climbers, at least up until it connects with the Machame Route. This is one of the newer routes, and starts on the west side of the mountain. 

  • Views and scenery: Excellent
  • Difficulty level: Hard
  • Traffic level: Medium

Shira Route** - For advanced climbers in a hurry
The Shira Route is almost the same route as Lemosho. It is actually the original route that Lemosho evolved from. Although the Shira Route is varied and scenic, Lemosho will get rated higher due to the lower altitude at the starting point. You may struggle with the height the first day on Shira. 

  • Views and scenery: Excellent
  • Difficulty level: Hard
  • Traffic level: Medium

Northern Circuit Route**** - Highly recommended
The Northern Circuit Route is the newest and probably the most exciting route up Kilimanjaro. It follows the Lemosho Route from west in the beginning, but instead of taking the southern traverse it will follow the northern quiet slopes to the top. This is the longest and, but maybe the most interesting route.

  • Views and scenery: Excellent
  • Difficulty level: Hard
  • Traffic level: Very Low

Rongai Route*** - Decent Route
By choosing the Rongai Route you can expect less traffic because it is the only route approaching Kibo from the north, close to the Kenyan border. The route is not as scenic as the western parts, but it passes through real wilderness before joining the Marangu route from the Kibo hut, and is gaining popularity among climbers.

  • Views and scenery: Very good
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Traffic level: Low

Umbwe Route** - Not recommended
The Umbwe route is short and steep. You should be an experienced climber as it is considered the most difficult route to the top. The quick ascent makes the acclimatization harder and the success rate is much lover than other routes. But traffic is lower too.

  • Views and scenery: Very good
  • Difficulty level: Very Hard
  • Traffic level: Very Low.