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22 Days Aconcagua Climbing Expedition

Our program reaches two Andes icons, Aconcagua the highest mountain in South America and the Southernmost 6000 m summit in the world, mt Marmolejo (6108m). We climb Marmolejo to have the best possible acclimatization process before try Aconcagua. Aconcagua is the highest Mountain along the Andes Range and also the highest outside Himalaya. Named by the Quechua culture as the White Sentinel, similar to what was called by the Aymara culture who named it The Stone Sentine.

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16 days Safari, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar

This trip will give you a chance to explore Tanzania at its best. You will enjoy accommodation in tents on climb, standard or luxury lodges, beaches, luxury tented camp. You will experience nature, wildlife, habit and habitat of the fauna and flora in the natural areas, lovely beaches and of course people and culture

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