6 Days Classic Svaneti Trek - Mestia - Ushguli

During this tour on the way tourists will see picturesque ranges, alpine valleys and the most interesting cultural sites as ancient houses, towers and churches with beautiful frescoes, which usually are leaved out of typical tourist trails. Guide knows a lot of old stories and legends to share them with guests during trekking. On the route you may stay in guesthouses or in tents. 

Day 1

Arrival in Mestia by car or by plain from Tbilisi. You can order individual transfer for additional fee. After check in guesthouse travelers will enjoy walking around Mestia to get familarized with Svaneti. Tour will include visit Margiani’s ancient living complex and history museum of Svaneti. Finalize trek preparations with guide and enjoy dinner in the guesthouse.


Day 2

Trekking starts. Trekking from Mestia to Jabeshi. Sleep in Jabeshi guesthouse or camp there. Total distance 12 km. Time needed 6-7 hours. Trail starts at elevation 1500 m above the sea level, maximum elevation is 1900 m and ends at 1650 m.


Day 3

Trekking from Jabeshi to Adishi. Sleep in guesthouse or camping. Trail leads from the valley Mulakhura to Adishischala. Trail starts at altitude 1656 m, maximal altitude is 2540 m and ends at elevation 2100m. Walking time around 6 hours.


Day 4

Trekking from Adishi to Iprali village in Kala community. Sleep in guesthouse or camping. Starting at altitude 2100, maximal elevation at Ckhutnieri path is 2700 m. Trail ends at elevation 1900 m.


Day 5

Drive from Iprali to Ushguli. Walk in Ushguli hike to Shkhara glacier. Return to Mestia by car. check in guesthouse.


Day 6

Flight or drive to Tbilisi.

Best season for Svaneti trek: From May to October.