10 Days Epic Trekking Holiday in Svaneti

If you want real trekking holidays in Europe, if you are looking for unforgettable adventure in Great Caucasus mountains, then 10 days trekking holidays tour will suite you perfectly. Experience real challenge in Caucasus mountains. For 10 days you can escape in wild nature, visit the most attractive places in Svaneti and go off beaten trek. Wild nature, green forests, snowy white peaks, crazy fast rivers and streams,  archaic rural life, unique culture – this is what we call Green pearl of Caucasus – Svaneti. 10 day tour has 7 actual trekking days. Some days are easy to moderate, and others are real challenge. Travel to Svaneti will became real life experience for you.

Day 1:  Arrival

Trekking tour starts in village Etseri of Upper Svaneti, 30 km west from Mestia. If travelers arrive early, they can walk around village, where very few tourists are coming, see village life. In guesthouse dinner will be served. Overnight in Etseri.


Day 2: First trek

In the morning guide will arrive and trekking from Etseri to village Mazeri in Becho community will start. Trek goes through Meziri mountain from where trekkers will enjoy amazing views to Ushba mountain and Dolra valey. Day ends in Becho community, where in guesthouse dinner will be served for travelers. Overnight in Etseri.


Day 3: Ushba Glacier

This will be relatively lighter day if travelers choose trek only until waterfall and pretty hard if trek will finish at Ushba glacier. Trek will take whole day, as total distance will be around 14 km, minimal altitude 1400-1600 meters and maximal 2200 meters in case of waterfall and 2700 in case of glacier. Part of the way can be done on the horse back also. If group will decide so, guide will be able to arrange it on the place. Overnight in Becho again.


Day 4: The most difficult day to come.

Guli path which connects village Mazeri and town Mestia. Approaching Mestia by evening. Dinner and sleep in guesthouse.


Day 5: This will be day off!

Relax day – visit unique Museums in Mestia, enjoy Hatsvali ski resort, walk in historical districts of Mestia, get lost in mysterious Svanetian tower


Day 6: Trekking starts.

Trekking from Mestia to Jabeshi. Sleep in Jabeshi guesthouse or camp there. Total distance 12 km. Time needed 6-7 hours. Trail starts at elevation 1500 m above the sea level, maximum elevation is 1900 m and ends at 1650 m.


Day 7: Trekking from Jabeshi to Adishi.

Sleep in guesthouse or camping. Trail leads from the valley Mulakhura to Adishischala. Trail starts at altitude 1656 m, maximal altitude is 2540 m and ends at elevation 2100m. Walking time around 6 hours


Day 8: Trekking from Adishi to Iprali village in Kala community.

Sleep in guesthouse or camping. Starting at altitude 2100, maximal elevation at Ckhutnieri path is 2700 m. Trail ends at elevation 1900 m


Day 9: Drive from Iprali to Ushguli.

Walk in Ushguli hike to Shkhara glacier. Return to Mestia by car. check in guesthouse.


Day 10: departure from Svaneti.