5 Days Svaneti Green Pearl of Caucasus

Svaneti – crown of Caucasus – the most mysterious and magnificent part of Georgia. As it is told – if you haven’t seen Svaneti – then you haven’t seen Georgia. It is not enough only to see Svaneti, one has to feel it, and if tourist will feel it, then never will forget. We offer you unforgettable tour to Svaneti, to see its natural beauty and feel it’s spirit. Svaneti tour mostly cultural tour, it contains also some short hikes, and optionally may be added horse trips.

Our goal is to show in short period the best and most important places of Svaneti, to make tourists feel it and love it as we do.

Day 1:

Arrival to Mestia or Becho afternoon. Check in guesthouse. In case of arrival in Mestia – Walk in historical district Lanchvali, visit traditional house of Margiani family. Free time in the evening. In case of arrival to Becho – dinner in the guesthouse


Day 2:

Hike or horse ride in Becho to Shdugra waterfall. Ride is possible until the bridge where is camp of border police. After camp hike until waterfall. Return to Mestia.


Day 3:

Jeep tour to Ushguli – the highest permanently inhabitant village in Europe. Average altitude of the village is 2100m. Because of its medieval architecture, towers and ancient houses, it was included by UNESCO in world heritage list. Return to Mestia.


Day 4:

Chalaadi glacier hike. After lunch time visit village Lakhushdi in Latali community. Lakhushdi like Ushguli has a lot of fine examples of medieval Svanish architecture, but it is not touristic hotspot, so tourists will have chance to see really authentic village life. Hike to Tangili church. Dinner at local family. Return to Mestia.


Day 5:

Visit Museum of history and ethnography in Mestia. Departure from Svaneti.