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Indonesia is huge in so many ways. It is the worlds largest island country and the 4th most populous country with 261 million people. Half of them is on the island of Java and many on Borneo, Sumatra and Sulawesi. But despite the often dense population, half of the 17 000 islands of Indonesia are uninhabited, leaving space for enormous areas of wilderness. But still, 8000 are populated, and with more than 300 languages spoken across these islands. Indonesia is surely a diverse country with megacities, and with so may radically different cultures, people, animals, plants, customs, foods and artworks, not to mention the ancient cultures, that it feels like 100 different countries melted into one tropical paradise. 

For most people Indonesia is still about nature and adventure. The tropical climate is pretty much even most of the year, only divided into the wet and dry season.  While traveling around in Indonesia you'll see that the dramatic landscape is just as diverse as the people and culture. In Sumatra you find almost 100 volcanoes, many of those can erupt anytime. Bali and Lombok are famous for the beaches, tourists and parties, but you don't have to get far to find less touristed beaches, especially in Lombok.

Surrounding the endless coastal line are tropical seas, home to the highest diversity of marine life on the planet. A marine life that includes the hammerhead shark, the mola mola, whale shark, manta ray and the pygmy seahorse. For snorkelers and divers, this is heaven underwater. The ultimate underwater destination is Sulawesi. It is nothing less than incredible, and popular for snorkling. 

Hiking in Indonesia is world class, and the mountains get really high. Many of them are volcanoes. Surfing and diving are of course very popular due to the rich sea life, and endless waves. What is amazing about Indonesia is that the great adventures often happen when you're not expecting it. Suddenly you are face to face with an orangutan, or you get close to whales while searching for good breaks on a remote island. The wildlife is so rich with birds and mammals and a big part of both are endemic.

Go see the pulsating life, noise and smells of the megacities, eat the food and then go out to the islands. Find beaches, find peace, go trekking, observe, and find yourself.