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Imagine your trip to Java, designed for lifelong memories

Java is the heart of Indonesia, the most populated island on earth, with megacities and still with huge areas without people, filled with extraordinary natural beauty. In Java you will find magical archaeological sites and unique traditions in music, dance and art.

The landscapes can take your breath away. Rainforests and savannah, smokey volcanoes, rice paddies and white beaches. You journey in Java is defined by landscape. The big cities are pulsating, crowded, polluted and crazy with labyrinths of streets and exciting smells. After a stay in the mayhem of Jakarta you will be delighted by the laziness and slow pulse out in the countryside. If you are up to more big city life, Yogyakarta's soul might be your perfect match. 

Java can entertain you for months and years, there is so much to explore here, that in fact you can spend a lifetime on this island, and still you haven´t seen all. If you are up to getting the most out of your vacation, or just want to have a great time on you premisses, our local partners can help making your trip perfect.

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They made our honeymoon in Indonesia feel like a home from home. We were granted really personal insights into the areas that we visited and ALL of the people we were fortunate enough to meet showed equal pride and depth of knowledge in sharing their passion for their particular area of the country. In Yogyakarta we met Jay and were blessed with his knowledge of how to make the most of our sunrise trip to Borobudur. We welcomed his expertise on the history and traditions surrounding the spectacular Hindu temple of Prambanan and enjoyed a good laugh with him as we adventured further into Indonesia and into our trip.
— Rowan ★★★★★
We had an incredible time and wish we could do it all again! Our guide, Saiful, was fantastic - as was our driver, Eko. Nothing was too much trouble and they did everything they could to make our journey very comfortable and utterly memorable. Saiful’s English was very good and he answered all our questions easily and pointed out or explained loads of interesting things along the way. Our highlights were undoubtedly seeing the sunrise over Mount Bromo from the most amazing viewpoint, climbing up and looking into the Bromo crater, our 2am walk up to the top of the Ijen Crater (hard work but totally worth it) and our scramble down into the crater to see the blue sulphur flames - with Saiful inevitably offering a helping hand and even taking some amazing photos and videos for us.
— E J ★★★★★

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