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Pleasant 5 Days at Bali
I had decided to spent my short getaway on Bali to relieve my stress from urban busyness few weeks ago. They offered me to try travelling around Nusa Penida and I trusted Kostuba to plan all my activities. It turns out beyond my expectations. They are fully understood what I need the most! They let me see the natural beauty that I never thought it real exist and I learned quite a lot about the culture.

I visited Kelingking beach, Broken Beach and Atuh Beach in Nusa Penida. It was the most delightful experiences I have ever had although I was struggling to reach the best spot because I really want to capture the best moment with my camera. But overall I really enjoyed my short holiday. Thank you Kostuba!
— Suzan ★★★★★

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Imagine your trip to Bali, designed for lifelong memories

Bali is more than an island. It is a tropical state of mind. Whenever someone mention Bali, the thoughts are starting to imagine a paradise. A paradise with more than 10,000 temples to cherish it.

There are many ways to explore Bali. The island have so many destinations. You can get lost in the chaos of Kuta, you can surf on remote beaches in the south or you can enjoy the luxury of Seminyak with it's shops and designers or Kerokoban with the beach side resorts and world class food. The heart of the island is Ubud, filled with incredible rice fields and a hub for local culture with loads of traditions, not to mention the ancient monuments right outside the doorstep. If you are up to pulsating nightlife Kuta or Legian might be your choice. To avoid tourists go to the north or west, it is tiny populated, but the natural surroundings will make your trip a blessing. Sanur is probably the most family friendly spot. The Bukit peninsula should also be on your list.

The real treat of Bali is the people. The smiling Balinese is the big difference between Bali and other destinations. Of course the natural beauty and great small resorts and hidden gems are amazing, but the local people is the reason you will remember your trip for the rest of your life. Their smiles, kindness and sense of humor will stick.

Bali is wonderful and complex. If you want to make your vacation unique and awesome, you should get help from our local partners. They are ready to help you.