Seven Kayaking Wonders of Norway

Kayaking In Norway should be on your bucket list. 

We have picked seven very special areas, for exploring Norway the Nanook way:


In travel lingo, phrases like "Norway in a nutshell" and "Norway in miniature" has become cliches, used to describe far too many destinations and regions. In our opinion, Senja is an exeption. Because Senja has it all. Steep mountains, fjords, remote beaches and massive wildlife with birds, plenty of fish and whales. Senja even has the small city of Finnsnes, a typical Norwegian urban centre with not too many tourists. Just the way we like it. Kayaking in Senja is a guarantee for great nature experiences. A salty and rough adventure combined with endless eye candy!

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The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten islands is one of the best known secrets of Norway. Located in northern Norway, Lofoten has everything from old fishing villages and alpine mountains to remote fjords like the Trollfjord, crystal clear water and hundreds of chalk white beaches. Around you flies white tailed eagles, and you will see local fishermen going out to their spots. As far as fishing is concerned, you can just drop the hook and the fish will bite. The nature in Lofoten is breathtaking, but most incredible is the light. During summer the beautiful midnight sun lights up the sky and during winter the magical northern lights -Aurora Borealis - paints the sky green. 

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The Helgeland Coast

I feel like I am starting to repeat myself here. Steep mountains, incredible archipelago, white sandy beaches, rich wildlife, small fishing villages and more of the fantastic light! What can I say. That is what you get. The Helgeland Coast is quite a long stretch, between Bodø and Trøndelag. If you have the possibility to go there: GO! Make sure you pay a visit to Vega and the thousands of tiny islands surrounding it, the Bodø area with Saltstraumen, the Svartisen glacier or the numerous alpine mountains and remote communities many miles offshore. The people there are very welcoming, they´re proud of their culture and do everything they can to make you feel at home.

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Smøla is different. The island of Smøla is shaped like a pancake, with the highest point just 63 meters above sea level. You have one main island, surrounded by about 5000 islets and shears. On the main island you find a lot of streams and fun places to play when you go kayaking. In the surrounding islands there´s great places to camp, or you can rent lodging. You´ll actually find kayaking sheds and there are GPS marked routes. Smøla is one of the best kayak destinations in Europe, and the local people are well known for their hospitality. Smøla also has one of the richest populations of White Tailed Eagles in the World.

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The Atlantic Road Area, Hustadvika

Hustadvika is known as one of the most fierce coastal stretches in Norway, with numerous ship wrecks hidden beneath the surface. More specifically it is placed between Kristiansund and Bud. The Atlantic Road is famous, multiple rewarded and was named the worlds most beautiful drive by the Guardian. This area is even more special viewed from the sea. It is all about the ocean here. You have the small island and fishing village of Grip, 14 km offshore, with it´s houses thrown around like dices clinging to the rocks, and right in the middle of them you´ll find an old stave church. The area is rich and varied, you can paddle among bridges and islands, find remote spots or you can hike the surrounding mountains. 

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The Sognefjord area

The Sognefjord is the longest fjord in Norway. While the other destinations I have mentioned are combinations of big oceans, islands and smaller fjords. This is the main Fjord in the land of Fjords, 204 kilometers, 1300 meter deep, surrounded by steep mountains up to 2000 meter above sea level, blue and green water, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers and a vein of water connecting the small villages. You´ll find the world heritage site of Nærøyfjorden, Europes largest glacier, Jostedalsbreen and out in the mouth of the fjord you´ll see the Atlantic Ocean. The activity options are only limited by your imagination. (Well, you won´t be able to ride camels). Place it on your bucket list. I can guarantee you this experience will be lifelong.

The Oslo Fjord

Starting in Oslo and going out to the North Sea, you have the Oslo Fjord. Untypically for Norway it is not surrounded by high mountains. It is, by far, the most populated area in the kingdom of Norway. Most likely, this is the area where you start your Norwegian journey. Norway is unique in so many ways, and one often forgotten fact is that you have incredible nature experiences just a couple of stone throws from the city centre of the capital Oslo. The Oslo Fjord have a breath taking archipelago, shiny polished rocks, a rich wild life with seals and birds. And it has some of the most exciting sea kayaking experiences you´ll find. Numerous small islands to have a rest, enjoy life and live in the moment! You can start in the middle of a crowded city, and in two shakes of a lambs tail, you are experiencing the peace and quiet a few inches above water level.

Photo: Kajakk Nord

Photo: Kajakk Nord