Look to Norway!

For a different surfing experience, head to Unstad Beach in Northern Norway. You should hurry up though, the number of tourists coming here each year is exploding.

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There´s been surfing at Unstad since the 60s, but it wasn´t until the 90s that it started taking off. Unstad has a population of only 16, but with their 200 meters long beach, they manage to welcome 2000-5000 visitors every year. 

Located north of Iceland and the Arctic Circle with a latitude of 68 degrees, average temperatures in these waters are 7-9 degrees Celsius. Somewhat warmed by the Gulf Stream, but still pretty cold. 

There are seals and killers whales here too. Still your main concern should be the cold water. 

But with the right equipment it doesn´t have to be a problem. The technology of the wet suits and the advances in design have enhanced so much recent years that it is pushing surfing far beyond the surf culture familiar to us from Hawaii or California. Just don´t forget your hood, gloves and boots. 

Together with the rugged beauty and muscle of the surrounding islands, the white sandy beaches and the tranquillity, you´re guaranteed an awesome experience. 

Unstad has plenty of space and the waves are consistent. And when the surfers sits on their boards waiting for the next one to approach, the waves may have traveled all the way from Greenland. And the left-handed waves that comes with the autumn storms makes sure you will surf until you drop.

Being called one of the best surf spots in Europe, it mostly attracts the experienced surfers during autumn and winter. Beginners might feel more comfortable here between April-September when the waves are kinder, or they can travel to nearby spots to find waves to suit their ability. Flakstad Beach is a great alternative. Arctic surfing is really suitable for anyone, at any level. 

During summer the sun never sets which is a huge advantage if you´re chasing the perfect wave. You can actually go for a midnight surf. How cool is that? 

Rent a board and a wetsuit and go for it, book an experienced instructor to teach you the ropes or try out the full package including accommodation and food.

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