Under the Bali Surface

Bali is a dream destination. On one hand this small island paradise is packed with activities, fun and a place to meet interesting people. And on the other hand it´s perfect for those who need to wind down, practice yoga, meditate and get some rest. 

Under Bali.jpg

And you don´t want to skip the sunrises and sunsets when you´re here. Whether you stay up until the night meets the day or go to bed just after the sun sinks into the horizon, make sure you don´t miss out on them. 

But while you´re here you should also check out what´s underneath the surface. There´s a reason people travel this far to go snorkeling. Bali is in fact part of the Coral Triangle, a marine area that is the global centre for marine biodiversity. It has 76% of all coral species in the world, and more than 3000 species of fish. 

Under Bali 3.jpg

In the crystal clear waters you´ll find every colour and species you previously have been unfamiliar with. The mighty Mola Mola, also known as the Bali Sunfish, can weight up to 1000 kilos! (2200 lbs), but even though they look big and scary from afar, they are harmless and even kinda cute up close. For many snorkelers and divers, this is the creature they are most eager to meet. You might also bump into some more familiar ones like Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, Tiger and Reef sharks, Sea Snakes and Sea Wasps (jellyfish). If you run into the snakes or wasps, go a different direction. They are venomous and can be deadly. 

Under Bali 2.jpg

But don´t be alarmed, the Bali waters are actually quite safe, especially if you take your precautions regarding the currents. They are a bigger hazard than the creatures. And always rent a local guide if you´re not familiar with where you´re going. 

So get your snorkel and fins and dive in!