The road is the goal

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The Atlantic Ocean Road opened in the late eighties and has by the Guardian been named the world´s most beautiful road trip. It´s only 8273 meters long, but the eight bridges connecting this chain of small islands has become one of Norway´s biggest tourist attractions. 

We often hope for sun and blue skies when visiting tourist attractions, but here it´s just as mind blowing during windy weather. Or even better, a storm. To drive your car, or your bicycle, over twists and turns and be this close to the ocean, is an awesome experience. Eagles are countless here and if the waters are calm, so are the seals. You might even spot a whale. 

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Hustadvika, which is the name of the ocean fairway, is one of the most dangerous along the Norwegian coast. Of over 2100 registered shipwrecks nationwide, many of them are located in these waters. 

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While you´re here you won´t regret getting out of the comfort of your car to hike up one of the surrounding mountains. One of the best viewpoints is Melen at 769 meters above sea level.

Along the road you might also want to stop by Bud, a beautiful old fishing village. Here you can spend the night, get something to eat, or just walk around the historic buildings and boathouses. 

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Continue approximately 40 minutes by car and you will end up in the city of Molde, with a population of 26000. The city is best known for it´s soccer team and their annual jazz festival. And for it´s breathtaking panoramic view with 222 snow-clad peaks. 

Don´t miss out on this area. It will knock your socks off.

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