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Imagine your trip to Tanzania, designed for lifelong memories

In this east African country, lies Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa with Uhuru Peak as the highest point at 5895 meters above sea level. Two of it ́s three volcanic cones are extinct, but the highest one, Kibo at 4900 metres, can still erupt. This part of the country is in addition to mountainous, also densely forresten. The eastern part of Tanzania is hot and humid, but you can jump on a boat out to Zanzibar if you need a little wind in your hair. 

Tanzania also has three of Africa ́s Great Lakes as well as the beautiful Kalambo water falls. Not to mention the Big 5 - the elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion and rhino. To see all five in their own habitats is a fascinating experience and the reason safari vacations are so popular. But there are many more animals here that will captivate you, in addition to numerous insects and birds. The Tanzanian fauna is second to none!  

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The most popular tours in Tanzania often involve safari, hiking or white beaches

My husband and I are extremely happy with the wonderful experience we had during the 7-day safari in Maasai Mara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro. They had organised it in such a perfect way with superb service, touching care and utmost attention to details that let us live really unforgetable moments.
— Dessi ★★★★★
We had a wonderful experience with the team who kept us comfortable and satisfied. We realised we had forgotten our camera battery which could have been a disaster but they organised a new one for us and got it delivered in less than 24hrs!! Godfrey our tour guide and Hamisi our cook were exceptional.
— Jodi ★★★★★

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