7 Days Nature tour of Sri Lanka

This package is for the nature lovers who want to witness some of the world’s most endangered species in their natural habitat.

You will observe the spectacular wildlife in the jungles of Yala and Kumana and Wilpattu, go whale and dolphin watching in the seas off Trincomalee and finally have a dip in the ocean to observe the elusive reef tip sharks.

Day 1

You will be met by a crew member who will welcome you and review the details of the tour with you and thereafter drop you off at your hotel in Colombo.


Day 2

You will be met by your chauffeur guide at your hotel who will then transport you to Yala. In Yala you will enjoy an evening safari observing wildlife and will thereafter return to your hotel to rest.


Day 3

You will travel to Kumana National Park from Yala to observe more wildlife. You will spend the evening in the national park and will then return to your hotel to rest and spend the night.


Day 4

You will travel to Pigeon Island in Trincomalee from Kumana to view the blacktip reef sharks. You will go snorkeling in Pigeon Island and spend the rest of the day at your leisure.


Day 5

You will spend the morning on a whale watching trip and if you are lucky, you will spot the majestic blue whale! Spend the rest of the day by the beach


Day 6

You will be transported to Wilpattu from Trincomalee to observe wildlife on an evening safari. Spend the rest of the day at your leisure.


Day 7

You will return to Colombo and your trusted chauffeur guide will drop you off at the airport and ensure you are on time for your flight

Sri LankaHåvard Utheim