13 Days classic south of Madagascar


The South coast is one of the most touristic attraction in Madagascar. It is a semi-desert region decoratedwith satrana which is a beautiful palm trees special to this region.


On our drive, we will see the mountainous landscape, the farmers working their land and several small villages. We will also cross the east rainforest of Ranomafana National Park, the rocky mountains of Ambalavao, the Ihorombe plateau and the canyon of Isalo.

During this journey, we will also have the opportunity towitness what we call Colorado Malagasy , as well as experience the local culture and traditions. Our final attraction on this tour will be the famous Anakao beach to along the South west coast of Madagascar.



When you are arrive at the airport, we will be there waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. After picking you up at the airport we will drive to our hotel in Antananarivo and give you a special briefing about our upcoming journey and answer any questions you may have about our upcoming adventure.

Overnight stay at La Villette Hotel or similar

**To ensure your comfort and convenience please note that if you are scheduled to arrive Madagascar during evening hours this briefing will be scheduled in the morning the day following your arrival.**


After breakfast on day 2 we will begin our journey with a 3 hour drive to Antsirabe, and experience the beautiful landscape of thehaute plateau . On our way to Antsirabe we will stop byAmbatolampy to see the local craftwork made from aluminum. Upon arrival in Antsirabe we will check into our hotel and take a moment to get settled in. In the afternoon we will drive over toTritriva’s sacred Lake, and Andraikiba Lake and spend a day learningabout the lake and its great history.

Overnight stay at Flower Palace or similar


Early in the morning on day 3 we will continue adventure with a 6 hour drive into Ranomafana National Park. Throughout our long drive we will witness the everyday life of the local people that live in this region, the Betsileo tribe. Halfway through our journey we will stop in the town of Ambositra, which is known as the the capital of sculpture Madagascar. In Ambositra we will visit a sculpture workshop and watch how the sculptors work. We will then continue our drive into our final destination for the day Ranomafana NationalPark. Ranomafana is one of the wonders of Madagascar,occupying 400 square kilometers of tropical rainforest,home of an amazing fauna and flora,home of rare the famous Golden bamboo lemur and some several species of lemur. Upon our arrival into Ranomafana we will check into our hotel and get settled in. In the evening, we do a nocturnal visit of the park and have the chance to see chameleons, frogs and small nocturnal lemurs like mouse lemur,the smallest lemur here in the island

Overnight stay at Karibo Hotel or similar

DAY 4 - RANOMAFANA –SAHAMBAVY [48 Km-1.30 hour on the way]

We will begin day 4 with the diurnal visit. We will spend between two to three hours in the Ranomafana Park and visit the Namorona waterfall. We will also have the opportunity to witness the spectacular flora such as orchids and the wildlife unique to this region including the Greater bamboo lemur, chameleon, wild birdsand other. Ranomafana directly translate into warm water and itwas named after the hot spring unique to this region. In the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to swim in the famous hot springs in Ranomafana. Hot springs are known known by its healing properties and good effects on health such as reducing the stress, soothing the pain, etc. After our visit to the hot springs we will then drive 90 minutes to our final destination for the day Lac Hotel Sahambavy a beautiful hotel with bungalows that extend into lake Sahambavy.

Overnight stay at Lac Hotel


On day 5 we will visit the largest tea plantation in Madagascar. We will have the opportunity to witness how do they to produce black tea and green tea. This visit will also include a tea tasting at the end of our visit. After our visit return back to the hotel.

From the middle of the day,we will visit the secondary school,funded by Tanala Adventures by the project Tanala Education project
Here,you can teach them English,for example how to recycle,whatever you want to do,just related in education.You have an hour to do that.

Overnight stay at Lac Hotel

DAY 6 - SAHAMBAVY-RANOHIRA [280 Km-6 hours on the way]

After breakfast on day 6, we will begin our journey to Ranohira. On the way, we will have the chance to admire the beautiful and spectacular scenery of the Fianaratsoa region. We will also have theopportunity to visit a historical place called Old Town inFianarantsoa which is a world heritage site and the capital city of the Betsileo tribe. Then we will continue our journey through the capital of wine in Madagascar, the city of Ambalavao. Ambalavao is knownfor producing traditional Malagasy clothing lamba landy and ithas the largest zebu market in all of Madagascar. After our stop in Ambalavao we will continue our journey to our final destination Ranohira, where we check into our hotel and get settled in for the evening.

Overnight stay at Isalo Ranch or similar


On day 7 we will spend about four to five hours in the morning at the famous Isalo Park. Isalo is special because of the unique wildlife and it is the home of the catta lemur or Maki, Sifaka, wild birds and various reptiles. At the park we will also see the blue and black natural waterfall swimming pool. In the afternoon, we take a littlenap at the hotel, before going to enjoy the sunset at Window of Isalo .

Overnight stay at Isalo Ranch or similar

DAY 8 | RANOHIRA-TOLIARA [273 Km-6 hours on the road]

On day 8 we will continue our journey from Ranohira to Ifaty, Tuléar. On our drive we will pass through Ilakaka, the region that has the most sapphire in Madagascar. Malagasy sapphire is the highest quality sapphire found in the world. Many Malagasy people from different regions come here to work, that make us toremember the farwest curiosity . On our drive we will also see theMahafaly Tomb, and the semi-desert landscape decorated with the baobab and palm trees.

We'll be in Toliara from the middle of the afternoon, Overnight stay at Serena hotel

DAY 9 | TOLIARA- ANAKAO [Speed boat transfer for an hour]

One day 9,after breakafast,speed boat transfer to Anakao,Upon our arrival to our final destination for the tours
, we will check into our hotel and get settled in. Anakao has one of the best beach in Madagascar located along the calm and relaxing waters of the south of Toliara ,along the Mozambique channel.Enjoy the free afternoon to enjoy this fine white sand beach with blue turqoise sea.

Overnight stay at Lalandaka lodge or similar


On day 10,we dedicate it for Whales safari,after breakafast ,we sailing to the island of Ve,but before,we'll the whales safari,to spot

this big fish.After that we settle to the island of Ve,then,free day,we can do snorkelling,fresh seafood picnic lunch.We return back from the middle of the afternoon because of the wind,we have to island early.

Overnight stay at Lalandaka lodge or similar

DAY 11 | ANAKAO - TULEAR [Speed boat transfer for an hour]

On day 11, after breakfast, boat transfer to the Toliara. Upon our arrival in Toliara, we drive directly to Ifaty,to visit the Baobab forest,after the visit we return back and settle to our hotel in Toliara

Overnight stay at Serena Hotel

DAY 12 | TULEAR - TANA [Flight is about an hour and half ]

Your last day in Madagascar,after early breakfast,drive to the airport depend on the flight departure,upon your arrival at the Ivato aiport,one of our team will wait for you there,transfer to the hotel,then walking visit of the upper city of the capital to visit and understand some part of Madagascar history,you'll visit the Museum of Andafiavatra and the Queen's palace.And in the rest of day you can relax.

Overnight stay at La Villette Hotel


During day 13 of our journey, which is also our last day together, we will have a free morning to shop for souvenirs to bring back to your home country. During our shopping tour we will look at Malagasy craftwork, local spices, vanilla, and much more

After shopping we will prepare for our departure to Ivato International airport. We will arrive at the airport 2 hours before your departure time.

[End our service]
NB: Please note that we can make changes to this journey as much

as you would like. Please do not hesitate to send us a message and we will respond as soon as we can.

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