10 Days Tsiribinha river and the Far West of Madagascar


West part of Madagascar is famous by the Tsingy destination, to get there, before we take a canoe for 3 days on the Tsiribihina river, far from the modern lifestyle, if you want to know what is the real Malagasy lifestyle, this tour is perfect for you.


During this tour,we will feel like in the 19 century,we’ll meet the local people in this isolated area,see lemur and crocodiles in wild also bird.Taking a bath at the waterfall of Nosy Ampela will be the better to end the day. Every night,we’ll make a campfire,to warm up and to enjoy the beauty of the sky filled a million of stars. Wind,insect and water are the only noise in the night. We end up the tour at the famous sunset at the Baobab alley



When you are arrive at the airport, we will be there waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. After picking you up at the airport we will drive to our hotel in Antananarivo and give you a special briefing about our upcoming journey and answer any questions you may have about our upcoming adventure.

Overnight stay at La Villette Hotel

**To ensure your comfort and convenience please note that if you are scheduled to arrive in Madagascar during evening hours this briefing will be scheduled following morning after your arrival.**

DAY 2 - ANTANANARIVO-ANTSIRABE [170 km-3 hours on the road]

After breakfast, on day 2 we will begin our journey with a 3 hour drive to Antsirabe, and experience the beautifullandscape of “haute plateau”. Antsirabe is one of thecoldest cities in Madagascar, and it has also been dubbed“City of Water” because there are many sources of waterthere, including hot springs that we can visit upon request. On our way to Antsirabe we will stop by Ambatolampy to see the local craftwork made from aluminum. Upon our arrival in Antsirabe we check into our hotel and take a moment to settle in. In the afternoon we will drive over toTritriva’s sacred Lake, and Lake Andraikiba and spend 1-2 hour with a local guide learning about the history of the lake. After our trip to the sacred lakes we will return to Antsirabe and will have some free time to relax or take a ricksaw (pousse-pousse) tour of the city.

Overnight stay at Flower Palace

DAY 3 - ANTSIRABE-MIANDRIVAZO[220 Km-6hours on the road]

After the breakfast, on day 3 we will continue our journey with a 6 hour drive west of Madagascar to the Bongolava mountain range through the town of Miandrivazo. Given that is located between the Bongolava mountain range Miandrivazo is one of the hottest regions in Madagasacar. Upon arrival into Miandrivazo we will check into our hotel and have a special briefing with the boatmen and captain assisting us with the Tsiribihina river trip excursion.

DAY 4 - MIANDRIVAZO-MASIAKAMPY-NOSY AMPELA[20 Km on the road + 6 hours traveling by boat]

On day 4, after breakfast, we will go the port and get settled into the boat we will be traveling in for the next couple of days. During this river trip we will spend about six to seven hours each day traveling by boat which will cover a total 134 Km. Throughout our journey we will witness the lifestyle of the local Sakalava tribe in this region.

Upon entering Tsingy de Beramaha we will see different wildlifesuch as the white lemur, “Dicken Sifaka”. In the afternoonwe will arrive in the Waterfall of Anosy Ampela and see the famous common brown lemur. We will set up a tent and camp along the sands of the Tsiribihina river. During the evening we will have a special campfire program in which will include dinner and engulfing ourselves in the beauty of the forest at night.

DAY 5 - ANOSY AMPELA-FOTOA[6-7 hours on the ship]

On day 5 which will be our second day of our river excursion we will travel for another 6-7 hours to our final destination for the day Fotoa. On the way, we will see several types of crocodiles and visit the beautiful village Begidro off the shores of Tsiribihina River. Upon arrival into Fotoa, our final destination for the evening we will set up camp and get settled in. In the evening, we will have a fire camp activity where the local people play live music
with their “kabosy” (traditional Malagasy guitar) and will show us their traditional Sakalava dance that called“kilalaka”

[1 hour on ship + 150 Km : 6 hours on the road]

Day 6 of our journey will be our third and last day of our Tsiribihina river excursion, on this day we will travel by boat for one hour. After culminating our river excursion we will travel for 6 hours to Bekopaka which the gateway to the Tsingy de Bemaraha Park. On our journey to Bekopaka we will cross Tsiribihina river by ferry and will stop for lunch in the town of Belo. Before arriving to our final destination for the evening we will also cross the Manambolo river by ferry which will be our second ferry of the day. Upon arrival into Bekopaka we will check into our hotel and get settled in for the evening.

Overnight stay at Orchidée de Bemaraha


On day 7 we will spend the day in nature discovering the Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park. Bemaraha Tsingy is classified as a UNESCO world heritage site and the biggest protected area by the Malagasy State. At the Tsingy we willsee he cathedral, the “view point”, the hanging bridge andexperience the animals that live here, such as Sifaka lemur and Common brown lemur. We will also see wild birds and the biggest carnivorious in Madagascar called Fossa. We will also see different kinds of indigenous plants such as the“palissandre”. After lunch, we will continue our excursioninto the smaller section of the Tsingy.

Overnight stay at Orchidée de Bemaraha

DAY 8 - BEKOPAKA-MORONDAVA [210 km-6 hours on the way]

On day 8,after breakfast,we drive to our finaldestination,Morondava,but before to get there,we’ll visit the sacred and in love baobab, After that, we will continue our drive to admire the most popular sunset in all of Madagascar...the sunset at Baobab Alley. Many people from all around the world come here to admire this combination of these big trees and the sunset.The Baobabs located in this region have been around for thousand years and it is one of the most popular attraction in all of Madagascar. After our sunset experience at Baobab Alley we will continue our drive to our final destination for the day Morondava. Upon arrival into Morondava we will check into our hotel and get settled in for the evening.

Overnight stay at Baobab café or similar

DAY 9 - MORONDAVA-ANTANANARIVO [1 hours of flight]

Your last day in Madagascar,after early breakfast,drive to the airport depend on the flight departure,upon your arrival at the Ivato aiport,one of our team will wait for you there,transfer to the hotel,then walking visit of the upper city of the capital to visit and understand some part of Madagascar history,you'll visit the Museum of Andafiavatra and the Queen's palace.And in the rest of day you can relax.

Overnight stay at La Villette Hotel


During day 9 of our journey, which is also our last day together, we have a free morning to shop for souvenirs for your loved ones. During our shopping tour we will look at Malagasy craftwork, local spices, vanilla, and much more After shopping we will prepare for our departure to Ivato International airport. We will arrive at the airport 2 hours before your departure time.

[End our service]

NB: Please note that we can make changes to this journey as much as you would like. Please do not hesitate to email us or send us a message and we will respond as soon as we can.

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