5 Days Amazonas River

Through this tour, an insightful adventure of jungle walks, nighttime wildlife observations, Caimans, Pink River Dolphins, Piranhas, Monkeys and more, eagerly awaits. Along the way, intimate visits to traditional jungle fishing communities which line our route will round off an Amazon experience almost impossible to replicate, and never to be forgotten.

The state of Amazonas holds many secrets, a wild and wonderful place of unexplored rainforest and rarely visited indigenous communities. With large areas of jungle still relatively untouched, chance encounters and pioneering explorations of this vital ecosystem’s enthralling flora, fauna and inhabitants are still abundantly possible. So what better way to uncover this trove of natural and cultural treats than with an engaging five-day voyage aboard a traditional Amazon boat, sleeping in hammocks and staying with local riverside communities?


DAY 1 – Transfers Manaus Airport / Manaus Hotel – Manaus City Tour

Airport arrival at Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian Amazon and the central point to start all excursions into the Amazon jungle. After arriving at our accommodation place, we’ll make a stroll through the typical neighborhoods to Manaus floating dock, located in the city center. Then we are going to visit the municipal market, the fish market and pass in front of the Rio Negro Palace, home of state government and the Palace of Justice, to finally end with an internal visit to the Amazonas Theatre, surely one of the main tourist attractions of Manaus. We return to the hotel. Accommodation.


DAY 2 – Amazon Expedition

In the morning, the expedition along the Amazon River will begin at the Manaus Port in a private boat that will take us and accommodate us for 4 days. At the beginning of the journey we will arrive at the “encontro das águas”, location where the waters of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões meet without mixing. Afterwards we will enter the river in small rafts to fish for piranhas and observe the caimans. Accommodation aboard boat in hammocks.


DAY 3 – Amazon Expedition 

We will continue along Rio Negro to meet the Acajatuba community, where we will see the habits, traditions and crafts of the natives. In the afternoon, we will visit a riverside family and their manioc flour houses, and besides, we will have the opportunity to meet and swim with the pink dolphins of the Amazon, living freely in the river. Later we will have a canoe ride that will end with dinner at moonlight. Accommodation aboard boat in hammocks.


DAY 4 – Amazon Expedition 

We will wake up to go for a swim in the river and, after breakfast, we will visit Terra Preta caboclo village in the ecological reserve of the Anavilhanas. In the afternoon, we leave the boat for a jungle survival experience.

Accompanied by a native guide, we will hike through the rain forest learning survival skills, such as how to extract water and milk from trees, primitive hunting techniques and medicinal properties of various plants. Then, we set up hammocks and prepare a campfire meal to enjoy like true caboclos. Sleeping at camp is an option, but those who prefer to stay on the boat can do it as well.


DAY 5 – Amazon Expedition – Transfer to Manaus Airport

We will pack up the camp and begin our journey back to the river, arriving at the boat to enjoy a well deserved swim. After that, we will travel downriver to the Rubber Tree Museum, to learn about this element’s historical importance for the region. Transfer to the airport of Manaus for departure to our next destination.

BrazilHåvard Utheim