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High and low in Ethiopia

Located in the Northeast of Africa, Ethiopia is mostly located at 2000-2500 metres above sea level, which gives it a considerably cooler climate than it´s neighbouring countries. Most of the region is mountainous, contrary to popular belief that it´s a dry desert landscape, and the high altitude takes the edge off the heat. In the evening you might feel like putting a sweater on and nights can get quite cold.  

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Ísland, best í heimi

Iceland had the world´s first female president and also the first openly gay head of government. It was the first country to legalize abortion and the ninth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage with no members of Parliament voting against it. And it has been voted the best country in the world for gender equality. This is also a country where a vast part of the population believe in the existence of elves. If you want to visit a country where diversity is represented on a different level, go to The Land of Fire and Ice. 

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