Nanook is a global movement of more than 1400 high quality travel companies committed to sharing amazing experiences and insider knowledge.

All partners of Nanook are locally owned and environmentally responsible. By cutting expensive middlemen and establishing direct contact we ensure your visit contributes to the local economy, and that environmental concerns are addressed.

For us it all started with running a small adventure company in North-Western Norway (Norwegian Goosebumps). Over the years we have helped thousands of people and hundreds of companies going on trips in the beautiful Norwegian nature.

We saw the side effects of the travel industry and realized that our problems where the same for others. We decided to start Nanook, dedicated to making travel better. The plan was to focus on the nordics and we could not imagine that it would become a global movement in such short amount of time.

Together we are changing the travel business in a more sustainable direction. 



Nanook of the North

The Inuit believed that Nanuk, the polar bear, was powerful and mighty, and they thought that he was "almost man". The Inuit hunters would worship this great bear because they believed that he decided if the hunters would be successful.

Nanook of the North: A Story Of Life and Love In the Actual Arctic) is a 1922 American silent documentary film by Robert J. Flaherty. The film has been considered the worlds first feature-length documentary. 

We are inspired by these stories, because our concept is all about getting to know the places you visit in a deeper sense.

Nanook is our name to honor local communities, and to honor the polar bear, symbolizing the strong yet fragile nature.

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