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Norway is great for Whale Watching

Norway has a long coast with great feeding conditions for fish like herring and cod amongst others. These incredible amounts of protein rich food attracts whales. There are a lot of different whale species in Norway. Humpbacks, killer whales, porpoises, sperm whales, minke whales, blue whales and many more.  

From late October to mid January you’ll have an almost 100% chance of seeing whales in Norway. The animals are mostly spread out between Tromsø and Lofoten Islands. In the best periods you´ll have humpback whales 50 meters from shore around Tromsø. From February herring go south, and the Orcas follow them. In the summer you have great amounts of Orcas around Lofoten. 

Go! Explore the giants of the sea

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Silent whale watching in Tromsø

We had a great experience on the beautiful silent (electric) ship of North Sailing. Staff was very well prepared, kind and knowledgeable. With the proper suits which kept us warm we went out to spot orca’s and whales. We were lucky enough to see them (a lot of orca’s!) and even got the experience to get close to a couple of whales gently continuing their way along the coast to the open see. The beautiful sailing ship fitted perfectly in the magical surroundings. The staff prepared us some delicious soup and we could have coffee or tea whenever we wanted. I am so glad we booked this trip instead of some other ferry-like vessel trip! Group was not bigger than 25 persons. Simply great!
— Heleen ★★★★★
Lofoten Svolvær.jpg

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