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Join a multi day sailing trip in Norway with the best local operators

Norway has one of the worlds longest coastlines. It is unique with long deep fjords and thousands of islands all surrounded with mountains straight up from the sea. By joining a sailing trip you will experience the best of Norway, visit remote islands and combine life on the boat with amazing hikes, kayaking or even festivals.

Our partners have a lot of pre-made itineraries and tours for you to book. If you prefer a private tailor-made tour it is an easy fix. Just tell us what you want to do and we will match you with the right provider.

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I went all alone on the Ski and Sail in Lofoten, and met a lovely bunch of mountaineers and sailing people. Skilled tour leaders guided us to the finest peaks, always with a strong focus on safety. I learned a lot about sailing as we went along, got to experience the most beautiful scenery Norway has to offer and got to know new people. SailNorway has put together a dream trip!
— Ebba ★★★★★

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