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Why Norway is the best destination for Aurora tours

You can regularly see the magic Aurora most places north of the polar circle, yet we would claim that Northern Norway is one of the best and most interesting places to see this light show. In this relatively huge area the infrastructure is good and hundreds of thousand people live her. This means you can combine your Northern lights Norway tour in night time with other activities on day time.

Be aware that the sights are most regular in northern Norway north of the arctic circle, and that the season is from early October until late April. There is not possible to see auroras in the summer.

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We have booked Northern Lights tour and Photo tour with Claudia and Maurice. Firstly, Claudia was also responsive to our queries prior to our trip. She is flexible and helpful. During the tours, Maurice who was our guide brought us to amazing spots in Lofoten to take excellent pictures. On the Northern light, special thanks to Maurice who has guided us how to set the camera and took us to amazing spots to take excellent pictures of Northern lights!

Thank guys for making our visit to Lofoten a memorable one.
— Edmund and Lucia ★★★★★

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Aurora Borealis in Norway

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