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Imagine standing on the top of a mountain with the salty smell of fresh ocean air. It is possible in the Lofoten Islands. Maybe you want to join a group for a phenomenal photo tour in Lofoten and discover the secret spots. Go sea fishing in some of the worlds best waters, or just go kayaking. Explore the Lofoten lights. It is awesome every day of the year, but many dream of the seasonal lights like the dancing Aurora Borealis in the winter or the midnight sun in the winter. Have you ever seen wild orcas? 

Lofoten Islands have so many possibilities. Just tell us what you want, and get offers from our awesome local partners.

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I went all alone on the Ski and Sail in Lofoten, and met a lovely bunch of mountaineers and sailing people. Skilled tour leaders guided us to the finest peaks, always with a strong focus on safety. I learned a lot about sailing as we went along, got to experience the most beautiful scenery Norway has to offer and got to know new people. SailNorway has put together a dream trip!
— Ebba ★★★★★

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