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 Hiking in New Zealand - join small groups or get a tailor made trip

New Zealand is a hikers paradise. A wet dream that easily can become realityl. There are so many routes and destinations that you can go trekking for the rest of your life. But if you have limited time and want to make the most out of your Kiwi dream, you should let local experts plan your trip. 

South Island? North Island? Both? No problemo! We have trips to classic routes like the Abel Tasman, the Heaphy Track, the Milford track, the Hollyford track, the Hump Ridge track, the Lake Waikaramoana hike, the Queen Charlotte track, the Stewart Island track, the Tekapo hike, the Tongariro hike and numerous combinations optimized for great experiences. 

Tell us what you want and we´ll find the perfect trip whether you want a private tailored trip or to join a group for a fixed departure tour. 

“Wow. What a trip!
The friendly atmosphere was brilliant within the group while our guides hospitality, knowledge and relaxed nature made an already brilliant adventure even more memorable. The sights you see, people you meet and knowledge you gain was invaluable to me and I’m sure the others in my group also. What a way to test your limits or just enjoy what nature has to offer.”
— — Mia ★★★★★

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