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They made our trek to Annapurna Basecamp so effortless and enjoyable. Everything was organised for us, accommodation, permits, tickets and even a day tour in Kathmandu tailored particularly to our interests. Arjun made us feel cared for from our first correspondence in Melbourne, answering all our queries.

Our guides were so caring and knowledgable, and contributed to a truly unforgettable experience. I look forward to returning to Nepal again. Thanks for everything! We were truly humbled by your hospitality and care. See you soon for the next adventure! Once is not enough ❤️
— Annie ★★★★★

Need inspiration? Here are some popular picks in Nepal

Nepal is a dream destination. From the arctic Himalayas in the north with the peek of Mount Everest at 8848 meters above sea level, to the subtropical Terei lowlands in the south, Nepal has extreme contrasts. This small country actually has eight of the world ́s ten highest mountains, including Lhotse and Annapurna as well as Mt. Everest. This multicultural country is on any mountaineers bucket list because of that.

And if you want lush green jungles, you'll need to visit the southern belt. Nepal has a total of 11 national parks, 6 conservation areas and 2 wildlife preserves and these areas are all filled with exotic mammals, birds, butterflies, snakes, plants and flowers. The nepalese jungles are paradise for researchers, wildlife specialists and nature lovers. Among the tall grasslands and clay rich swamps you might find the Musk Deer, rhinos, the Royal Bengal Tiger or the Marsh Mugger Crocodile.

Nepal is such an exciting place! And the capital Kathmandu will be a fun surprise for any visitor.