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Fint Mt Kenya trekking tours

Mount Kenya climbing and trekking Any physically fit person can climb Mt. Kenya. No climbing experience is necessary to get you to the top of Kenya’s highest Mountain (5,199M) with its magnificent gleaming glaciers, flora and fauna.

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The sky being clear, I got a full sight of this snow-mountain... It appeared to be a gigantic wall, on whose summit I observed two immense towers [Batian and Nelion], or horns as you many call them. These horns, or towers, which are at a short distance from each other, give the mountain a grand and majestic appearance which raised in my mind overwhelming feelings.
— Johann Ludwig Krapf

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Different routes

Sirimon Route - The route is usually considered one of the easier routes as it climbs relatively gradually with only a couple of steeper sections to reach the top camp. It is also currently the most popular route, though it is by no means busy

Naro Moru Route - This route used to be by far the most popular route as it is relatively short and has huts at Met Station (3050m) and MacKinders (4200m).

Chogoria Route - The route is often described as the most attractive route on Mount Kenya.

Burguret Route - It is not well used and does not have a distinct path which can be followed in the way that the others above can, neither does it have any huts or facilities.

Timau Route - Approaches from the North from near the village of Timau. It used to be a popular route for ascending in a 4x4 as it follows a meandering route through the gentler northern slopes until they steepen at around 4200m.

Kamweti Route - The Kamweti Route approaches from the south by first driving up from the village of Kutus to the Forest Castle Lodge in the forest zone

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