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Actually they showed us many things that we never would have found on our own. This made the vacation perfect for us. We got to stay in better hotels and it saved us money”

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Your trip to Kenya, designed for life long memories

They say Kenya gets under your skin and stays there. Visitors keep coming back. And here are a few reasons why.

You can enjoy Nairobi and get a taste of metropolitan Kenya or witness the great migration to the Serengeti from a hot air-balloon. Rest in the shade of a palm tree on one of the beaches outside the city of Mombasa or rent gear and hike up a snow capped mountain, like Mt. Kenya, Africas second highest peak. Go to the Rift Valley where you´ll find savannahs, lakes and the Maasai people. The tribal culture in Kenya is rich and the Maasai, the Swahili and the Turkana are some of the tribes that still live a very traditional lifestyle.

Kenya is also desertland, rainforests, national parks and reserves. The wildlife here is out of this world. Red elephants, mighty cats, millions of pink flamingos, the Big 5 and fascinating predators are just some of the countless animals in this great country. And some are endangered.

Kenya has successfully managed to bring back species from near extinction thanks to conservationists. And many good people spend parts of their holiday volunteering with a local community or on a conservation project. By fusing conservation with tourism they give tourists an opportunity to make a difference by simply visiting.

Kenya is the heart of Africa. We need to keep it and improve it. For those who live there and for those who long for this beautiful country.