7 Days Ski tour in Svaneti

Except well known ski resorts around Mestia – Hatsvali and Tetnuldi, Svaneti offers big number of wild, untouched slopes with various landscapes. 7 Days Ski tour Svaneti is designed by professional local ski tour guides. 

Best season: January to beginning of April.

Day 1 – Resort Freeride

First day is a warmup day on Tetnuldi ski resort, ski lift goes up to 3100m and we have a lot of great possibilities for powder runs, from 3100m we can do short skinning up to 3800m for more lines.  At the end of the day we can ski down to village Zhabeshi which is on 1600m above sea level.
Spend night in Mestia.


Day 2 – Laila Pass

07:00 in the morning we leave from Mestia to village Tskhumari which is the base of mount Laila, we start our skinning on 1400m above sea level, skiing area goes up to 3400m so it depends on group’s motivation to do it to the top or somewhere on a good spot.
Spend a night in Mestia.


Day 3 – Koruldi Mountain

We start skinning in Mestia on 1500m, highest spot is 2800m above sea level on this day, then we spend a night in wooden hut on 2300m.


Day 4 – Chalaadi Glacier

From mountain hut we start skinning and it goes up to 3700m for the top of the glacier,  6 km long glacier is one of the best place to ride powder in Svaneti region. At the and we’ll be picked up by shuttle to Mestia.
Spend a night in Mestia.


Day 5 – Ushguli, Lamaria mountain.

Ushguli is highest inhabited village in Europe (2200m) and it’s good base to start skitouring from village, top of lamaria mountain is 3100m.
Spend a night in Ushguli


Day 6 – Ushguli, Latpari pass.

Latpari pass is the high line between upper and lower Svaneti, top of the pass is 3400m above sea level and whole Caucasian mountains are nicely visible. At the end of the day we take a shuttle to Mestia.
Spend a night in Mestia.


Day 7 –  Village Etseri

Etseri located on 1600m above sea level, highest spot for skiing is 2700m close to mount Cherinda, last day will be little bit light comparing to other skiing days.
Spend a night in Mestia