15 Days North Ethiopia

Day 1:- Addis Ababa

City tour in Addis Ababafrom the first biggest open air  market in Africa to the national museum of   Ethiopia watching lot of ancient historical materials also fossil of early mankind, then at the night time watching cultural dancing called “eskista” and testing the traditional dishes of Ethiopia at cultural restaurant. Overnight in Friendship Hotel


Day 2:- Addis Ababa - Debre markos

En route visiting the 13th century monastery called Debrelibanos and the amazing land escapes including the Blue Nile Gorge, overnight in Tilik hotel


Day 3:- Debre markos - Bahirdar

Visiting the most beautiful city of Ethiopia and lake shore of “Tana “ this lake is about 3673km2 it is the starting point of world’s longest river blue Nile, overnight in Tana hotel


Day 4:- watching the Islands monasteries and churches

Boat trip  on Lake Tana, visiting the ancient monasteries  found on the  islands this all are made before 14 century  both of them fund in different  island the journey  is more interesting when you watch different topography of the islands also watching coffee farm, overnight in Tana hotel


Day 5:- Bahirdar - Gonder,

Sightseeing of the ancient city of Gonder which is founded by King Fasil in the 16th century, visiting the Fasil palace which have got amazing architectural design, overnight in Goha hotel


Day 6:- Gonder - Semien mountain national park

Visiting the 17th century Debre Birhan Selase church, then proceed driving to Semien mountain national park which is a world heritage since 1978, watching Ethiopian tallest mountain called Ras Dashen also Ethiopian endemic animals such as gelada Baboons, walia Ibex, Ethiopian wolfs and endemic birds visiting the amazing scenery of the park, overnight in Semien lodge


Day 7:- Semien mountain national park

Visiting the rest of amazing scenery of the national park which is the dramatical landscape and the flora fauna, overnight in Semien lodge


Day 8:- Semien mountain national park- Axum via Tekeze valley

Drive down to the amazing scenic Tekeze valley watching the best view of the dramatic Semien Mountain in the valley, overnight in Yeha hotel


Day 9:- Axum

Visiting the major historical site of Ethiopia which is going to be the 12 century obelisks those are UNESCO world heritages, the church of St. marry or Zion where the original Ark of the convenient is kept secretly on the afternoon visit the archeological site and the swimming pool Queen of Sheba, overnight in Yeha hotel


Day 10:- Axum – Hawzien via Adigrat

Visit the ancient temple of Yeha and surrounding ancient rock hewn churches of Tigray such as Wukro Cherkos, Abrha We Atsebaha, overnight in Gheralta lodge


Day 11:- Drive to Mekele

On the way visiting the ancient churches such as Abune yemata Guh, Abune Gebre Mikael, overnight in Axum hotel


Day 12:- Mekele- Lalibela

After visiting the palace of Emperor yohannes which is now being a museum proceed driving to Lalibela, overnight in Roha hotel


Day 13:- Visiting Lalibela churches

Lalibela is magnificent rock-hewn churches of 12 century, watching all the eleven surrounding churches both of them have their own specialties by architectural but they are same been erected from one single bedrock   that the world has never seen yet then transfer to the airport for your departure to Addis Ababa depending on your schedule you will transit for your international flight or attend our farewell party at cultural restaurant with best Ethiopian coffee, departure  

EthiopiaHåvard Utheim