5 Days Atacama Experience

This is a 5 Days plan that give you the full Atacama Experience. The plan can easily be connected with other plans, and a part of a longer vacation. 

Day 1: Transfer Santiago Hotel/ Santiago Airport – Flight to Calama - Transfer Calama
Airport / San Pedro de Atacama Hotel.

Approx. at 14:00, you will be picked up at Calama airport and transfer to your hotel. You will have the afternoon free for to enjoy your hotel and the town. Lodging at San Pedro de Atacama



Day 2: AM Atacama Flat Salt Tour – PM Cejar Floating Lagoon Tour

At 08:00 am, our local guide will pick you up to visit one of the most typical lanscapes of Atacama desert. In this expedition, we will visit:

  • Toconao (Kunza “Lost Corner”) which enchants for its simplicity, calm of its people, special climate, beautiful architecture and craftsmanship.
  • Quebrada de Jerez that stands out in its agricultural activities.
  • The marginal zone of the Salar de Atacama known as Laguna Chaxa located in Sector Soncor Flamenco National Reserve.

You will dropped off in the town where you will have lunch. At 15:00 we will go to the relaxing Cejar Lagoon experience. The Atacama Saltflat is the largest salt deposit in Chile and is formed by a depression without water outlet that receives from the San Pedro river and multiple streams where the water seeps from the mountain range. To the interior is Laguna Cejar, beautiful and mystical of turquoise color. Its great salt content generates the floating effect which makes for a relaxing bath and a fun experience. After Cejar Lagoon we will visit Ojos de salar: water coming from underground lagoons where small reeds and seaweed grow on its banks. Finally, in Laguna Tebenquinche we will enjoy the great whiteness of salt, next to an aperitif and contemplating in its waters the reflection of the Andes Range an unforgettable show.



Day 3: AM Puritama Hotsprings – PM Moon Valley Tour

At 09:00 our local guide will pick you up to continue relaxing with this amazing landscapes.
We will visit Puritama Hotsprings: Located in a large stone ravine, Puritama (Kunza “Puri”-Agua ( water) , “Tama”-Caliente (hot)). The place is designed for the family to rest on a set of 8 pools of warm water which have a temperature between 25 to 30ºC. The water has medicinal and therapeutic properties as it is nourished from the minerals brought by the Puritama River. This wonder is an exception of nature in the middle of the most arid desert in the world. We invite you to be part of this totally revitalizing experience.

You will be dropped off in the town where you will have lunch, and at 16:00 we will go to visit the Moon Valley: It is a desert spot, a geomorphological wonder. Our ancestors called it “Las Salinas” and today known worldwide as Valle de la Luna (Valley Moon), set of landscapes of incomparable beauty and that resemble a fragment of the lunar landscape to which it owes its name. In 1982 was declared Nature Sanctuary and is part of the Flamencos National Reserve. In this place, you can observe a geological spectacle of great interest especially at sunrise and sunset. 

During your visit, you can see: Ckari gorge, Salt Caverns, the famous natural formation known by our ancestors as “Los Tres Vigilantes” today called Las Tres Marias, Duna mayor; majestic body of sand and viewpoints like; Quebrada Honda where the famous Coyote Stone is located.



Day 4: AM Tatio Geysers Tour

At 05:00 am our local guide will pick you up for to visit the Tatio Geysers. The Tatio meaning Grandfather who weeps is one of the highest Geyser field in the world. It is located in the Cordillera of the Andes NE to San Pedro de Atacama and is the largest group of geysers in the southern hemisphere and the third largest in the world, after Yellowstone (USA) and DolinaGiezerow (Russia). The maximum expression of these fumaroles begins between 06:00 and 07:00 hrs. approx. with temperatures reaching 85 ° C. On our return it is possible to observe fauna like vicuñas, llamas, ñandúes, vizcachas, etc. While in the Flora stand the giant Cactus, llaretas, coirón, etc. In addition, we will visit the small ancestral village of Machuca. Its scarce inhabitants are mainly engaged in grazing and cheese production, very close to the place is the Salada Lagoon where families of flamingos, ducks and seagulls with an imposing landscape of beauty.

PS. There are some restrictions:
• Pregnant
• Minimum age of 12 years
• People with Hypertension (Medical authorization only)

You will be dropped off at town where you can have lunch and have the afternoon free. If you like we can include a Stargazing experience (activity subject to the moon phase and weather conditions).



Day 5: Transfer San Pedro de Atacama Hotel/Calama Airport. Back to Santiago

Depending your flight our local guide will pick you up to go to Calama Airport and back to
Santiago. Depending your preferences you can be transferred to your hotel or wait at
airport for your international flight.