6 Days Pantanal North

The Pantanal Wetlands are the world’s largest expanse of flooded plains, covering 140,000 km² of countless bird species, endemic plants, Alligators, mammals, marine life and yes, even elusive Jaguars! Stepping in the footsteps of this mystical creature is worthy of its own dedicated tour and experience, particularly as even while we embark on our quest, there will be no shortage of wildlife encounters and tropical flora to be relished in their own right.

Traveling mainly by boat through the Pantanal will give us our best opportunity to both catch glimpse of the ever-evasive ‘big cat’, while also having minimal impact on the natural environment around us, meaning that this vital though fragile ecosystem is preserved for years to come. Between July and November, certain areas of the plains dry up and become accessible, increasing the chances of witnessing a Jaguar up-close by almost 100%; surely rounding off what will already be a scenic and engaging adventure into one of planet Earth’s last great wildernesses.



DAY 1 – Transfer Cuiabá Airport / Pantanal Accommodation - Transpantaneira Route

Airport arrival to Cuiabá and transfer to the Pantanal region along the Transpantaneira Highway. This zone comprehends the greatest wildlife concentration in Latin America and is the best site in Brazil for visitors to observe it. We will stay in fazendas, typical farms, where we will be in direct contact with nature. Accommodation.



DAY 2 – Boat Excursion – Transfer to Porto Jofre

After breakfast we’ll make an early tour to watch dawn. Then we will enjoy a boat excursion by Claro River in search for birds and other animals. After lunch and checking out we transfer to a fazenda located in the middle of the Transpantaneira in the region of Porto Jofre where we’ll have dinner. Accommodation.



DAY 3 – Boat Trip to see the Jaguar

At dawn, after breakfast, we’ll leave by boat to do the Jaguar tour, where we’ll get the best chances to spot the jaguar. Even though it’s difficult animal to see, we are at the best place to find him. After activities we go back to the pousada to spend the night. Accommodation.



DAY 4 – Jaguar Tour II – Transfer to another Transpantaneira Farm

After breakfast we’ll leave again to start another stage of the Jaguar tour. After lunch and checkout we will transfer to another fazenda located in a different region of the Transpantaneira. Check in at the fazenda and dinner. Accommodation.



DAY 5 – Outdoor activities with nature

We will make the most of this day starting from sunrise until nighttime, participating in different activities. We will follow the daily program of activities, all of them related to the great nature surrounding the fazenda. We will observe wildlife and experience the Pantanal region. Accommodation.



DAY 6 –  Transfer to Cuiabá Airport


In the morning, transfer to the airport of Cuiabá for departure to our next destination.

BrazilHåvard Utheim