5 Days Fernando de Noronha Paradise Island

Lose yourself in the heavenly islands of Fernando de Noronha, a marine national park and natural sanctuary which is well-known for its impressive sustainable ethos, making it a pristine haven for honeymooners seeking an escape. It’s no exaggeration that this enchanting corner of Brazil is often referred to locally as paradise, as you’ll soon discover upon catching that first glimpse of the glassy, azure sea of Sancho Bay.

Having plunged into the warm, immaculate waters, the fact that this is one of the best beaches in the world will come as no surprise! You’ll not only revel in the seashore scene together, but also roam the forest-carpeted hills for jaw-dropping views over Abreus Cove, Pico Cliff and the Southeastern Bay, topped off with a dip in the natural pools, where rich marine life thrives and a kaleidoscope of color awaits.

Striking the perfect balance between active adventure and unrivaled romance, this honeymoon in island paradise is that special ticket you will be reminiscing about for all the happy years to come.


DAY 1 – Arrival to Fernando de Noronha

Airport arrival at Fernando de Noronha, a stunning archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that has been recently opened to visitors in a controlled manner. Accommodation.


DAY 2– Sancho Beach & Dolphins

Today we will visit Sancho beach which was elected for the second time by Trip Advisor customers as the most beautiful beach in the world in the 'Traveler’s Choice Awards' which takes into account the most valued beaches by users in the last 12 months. We go by boat to start navigating from the secondary islands up to the point of Sapata, with a privileged view of its rock formations. Besides travelling across the Dolphins´ Bay, we also have a 40 minute stop for swimming at the most beautiful beach: Sancho Bay. Here, we’ll have a big chance of spotting dolphins close to our boat. Accommodation.


DAY 3– Walking through the Island

In this walk we will see why Noronha is considered the emerald of the Atlantic. The first beach visited is Cacimba do Padre, famous for its waves and with a privileged view of the hill of Dois Irmãos. Next we go to the favorite beach for free dives, the Baia Dos Cochinos, then Bode beach, Americano and Boldró. If the sea favors, it will be possible to stop for refreshing baths and free dives. Accommodation.


DAY 4– Free Day for activities

Free day to take part in other optional activities like a historical walking tour around the main island, or the “pranchinha,” a snorkeling activity. In the afternoon, we will have time to stroll around the island and enjoy its marvelous sunset, or attend one of the environmental education classes offered by the Tamar Project. Accommodation.


DAY 5– Transfer to Fernando de Noronha Airport

Transfer to the airport of Fernando de Noronha for departure to our next destination.

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