4 Days Morro de São Paulo

The northern tip of Tinharé Island is home to a beauty of great renown and few comparisons. Rolling hills blanketed with lush trees, shallow Atlantic waters lapping over golden shores and wildlife-rich mangroves make up this special place, as well as the coastal town of Morro de Sao Paulo, alive with history and an unmistakable charm among its car-free streets.

The roads are little more than sandy tracks, so there is no choice but to dart between the cafes, restaurants and craft shops on foot, meaning that time spent lounging on one of Tinharé’s many idyllic beaches will be well-earned! While uncovering the island's most irresistible waterfalls, bays and coastal trails, our home will be the welcoming open doors of an intimate family-run inn. So, your visit to paradise will not only be contributing towards the local community but will also include a chance to join in with their traditions, such as the night-time gatherings, walking and singing in the streets as the moon shines brightly up above.


DAY 1 – Transfer Salvador de Bahia Airport / Morro de São Paulo Hotel – Walking Historical Tour

Airport arrival at Salvador and transfer to the port of Salvador de Bahia to embark on a catamaran that will take us to Ilha de Tinharé and afterwards to the pousada. Free time to have lunch. After rest, we will visit Morro de São Paulo and its historical heritage, forts and ruins built by man and carved by time and nature. Walking we’ll visit the Casarão where the Imperial family of Dom Pedro II stayed. We will stop at Ponte do Imperador for photos and then go to the Church Nossa Senhora da Luz; on the way we’ll reach the lighthouse which has 120 steps and is the highest point of the city. Here we will have a panoramic view of the island's beaches and on another spot to watch a wonderful sunset. Accommodation.


DAY 2 – Around Tinhare Island Boat Tour    

Today, we will enjoy some of Tinharé and Boipeba islands' most beautiful beaches. We’ll walk to the boat and our first stop is Garapuá beach with its natural pools. We'll encounter a similar sea line on our next stop: Moreré beach. Then we'll go to Cueira Beach. The next destination is Boca da Barra beach where we’ll have time to eat some typical local dish based on fish and seafood. The gentle breeze of this place will give us some time to digest our lunch. Our tour goes on sailing towards Cairu to visit the Santo Antonio convent, historic heritage from Brazil colonial times. Then, on our way back we’ll stop at Canavieira's natural oyster breeder, where we can take one last bath. Accommodation.


DAY 3 – Hike Morro/Gamboa

Our day starts on the road that goes by Fuente Grande and through different neighborhoods until reaching the path to Fonte do Céu waterfall. We will walk up to the waterfall and take a revitalizing bath.

We'll continue along the road to Gamboa's northern region, where we'll be able to eat or drink something and then head towards a mud beach. Here we'll have a mud bath followed by a sea bath. We continue on the same beach to a dock known as Madagascar. On this road we'll get to know Gamboa’s typical fishing system. Then we reach Porto de Cima beach where we will continue until Morro de São Paulo entry. We can only walk along the beach road when there's a low tide, so the circuit might be done in the opposite direction. Accommodation.


DAY 4 –Transfer to Salvador de Bahia Airport

In the morning, transfer to Salvador de Bahia in catamaran and then by land to the airport of Salvador for departure to our next destination.

BrazilHåvard Utheim