8 Days Albanian Riviera by Corfu

Picture a gorgeous Mediterranean shore of stunning beaches and breathtaking coves, dotted with ancient Greek sites – largely quiet you might think the last time that was the case was when the Ancient Greeks were in residence.

Welcome to the Albanian Riviera. While holidaymakers flock everywhere else around Homer’s wine-dark sea, the 50-mile coast remains refreshingly off the radar – thanks to decades when Albania was a communist dictatorship and was previously ruled by a monarch glorying in the name of King Zog. Yet Albania has deep roots, back to when it was the Ancient Greek colony of Ilyria, with important cities such as Apollonia and Butrint. Their romantic ruins are a wonderful complement to pretty coastal towns such as Vlora or more lively spots such as the seafood mecca Saranda.

Day 1: Corfu- Saranda

Meet with our representative at Saranda- Port or in Corfu Airport- And Accommodate for 3 nights at the Hotel


Day 2: Saranda- Butrint-Ksamil- Saranda

After breakfast drive to Butrint we will visit the well preserved ruins of the ancient city of Butrint and its museum hosted in the Venetian castle, Butrint: is a National park that includes a very well preserved archaeological area, an uncontaminated vegetation area of Mediterranean, and has also a lake that is connected to the Ionian sea by a natural channel.

The wetlands around the lake are shelter for different animals and aquatic species in danger of extinction. The excavations and studies has proved that during the VII and the VI centuries BC. Butrint was a protourban centre. By the V century BC Butrint has got the full form of an ancient city. During the VI century the city was equipped with new buildings such as the theatre, the agora, the small, temple and the stoa.

The complex of the sanctuary of Asclepius forms the most magnificent part of the city. The main importance and magnificence of the Site was in the Roman period when the City was proclaimed a Roman Colony and used by the roman aristocracy as a holiday destination. Even during late antiquity Butrint maintained its importance. The construction of the Great Basilica and of the baptistery dates to this period. The baptistery has the floor surface covered by a mosaic decoration of a very fine processing, which is very well preserved.

After the visits in Butrint, we will continue to must beautiful sea side village of Ksamil, free time for optional lunch in Fish restaurant 10 m from the sea. Continue to Saranda. Overnight in Hotel.


Day 3: Saranda- Ksamil- Saranda

After breakfast drive to Ksamil Beach- Free day to relax in white sandy beaches of Ksamil. Late afternoon- Transfer to your Hotel in Saranda.


Day 4: Saranda- Mesopotam Monastery- Blue Eye- Gjirokastra- Saranda

After breakfast we will depart to Gjirokastra known as “Museum City”. In the way we will make a stop and visit, Visit the “Blue Eye” spring, formed by underground springs and the unusual continue to Gjirokastra city where the dwelling houses have the form of medieval towers constituting a building ensemble with a characteristic architecture.

Visit the Castle and the Museum of Weapons. Drive to the museum city of Gjirokastra, birthplace, of the former iron-fisted dictator of Albania, Enver Hoxha. Gjirokastra is a strikingly picturesque town, perched on the side of a mountain above the Drino River. The tour includes the district museum, housed in the building in which Enver Hoxha was born and the pre-Ottoman citadel, a former political prison and now a weapons museum. Lunch in Traditional Restaurant. Back to Saranda.


Day 5: Saranda- Borsh- Dhermi

After breakfast drive up to Albanian Riviera. En route making a short visit to Borsh Waterfalls, and the bay of Porto Palermo where the castle of Ali Pasha is situated. Also along Albania Riviera we will stop in Different nice small spots, beaches, villages etc, Continuing to Dhermi, a large and beautiful village with about 30 old churches picturesquely placed on the rough mountainside. Overnight to must popular beach spot Dhermi, Hotel


Day 6: Dhermi- Llogara- Dhermi

After breakfast drive to Llogara, Stop at National Park of Llogara. The park starts at 470 m above sea level and climbs to 2018 m and it is considered one of Albania’s most valuable tourist attractions and it offers possibilities of eco-tourism, air sports, hiking and picnics. So here we can do different activities as Paragliding, Hiking etc, Lunch in best restaurants in national Park, You can try here the best lamb on the spit, Yogurt with Honey and walnut’s, etc. Back to your Hotel at Dhermi.


Day 7: Dhermi

Free time at your leisure and enjoy the crystal beaches of Dhermi or Drymades beaches. Overnight Dhermi, 4* hotel.


Day 8: Dhermi- Saranda- Corfu

After breakfast, Drive to Saranda through Albania Riviera- Continue to Saranda Port. Or Continue to Tirana The Capital of Albania.

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