3 Days Albania UNESCO trip

Start and end in Tirana covering a total distance 410 km. We will pass through UNESCO heritage sites, Berat, Gjirokaster, and Buthrot. This trip is carefully designed to meet you with the history, culture, culinary and hospitality of Albanians in the South.

Day 1: Tirana - Berat

After leaving the hotel at 8:00 o’clock we drive south to Berat. We make short break at Durres where we visit the Roman amphitheatre in the city center, Albania. Built in the 2nd century AD during Roman Emperor Trajan's rule. Transfer to Berat where we accommodate in a picturesque hotel in the historical area of the town. Our guide will lead you at the castle of the town which is one of the oldest continuosly living of the Europe with origins going back to the 4th century BC.

We will visit Onufri Iconography Museum located within the Castle at the site of a Dormition Cathedral, features the vivid iconography works of the famous 16th century painter Onufri and others. The museum hold other artifacts gathered form nearby churches and others around Albania. Other must see that we’ll visit are Berat Ethnographic Museum, Byzantine Churches and Mangalem historical quarter. Berat is also known for its rich culinary tradition and wine. We will try traditional dishes at the best restaurants of the area.


Day 2: Gjirokaster

After eating breakfast we will drive south to another unesco heritage site, Gjirokaster. Listed in the UNESCO heritage list since 2005 Gjirokaster is the most visited historical town of Albania. Gjirokaster is a historical center of old Epirus region, located at west side of Drinos Valley. It was once an important Ottoman trading hub and today a sprinkling of nineteenth-century Ottoman-style houses lines the maze of steep, cobbled streets. Gjirokaster is also etched into the nation’s conscience as the birthplace of former dictator Enver Hoxha, and more recently the world-renowned author Ismail Kadare.

During the program we will visit The Old Town’s Citadel which dominate the city view. Then we will accommodate at the Hotel and enjoy the lunch at traditional restaurants. In the afternoon our tour guide will take you a walk to tell you the historical town. We will visit the Gjirokaster’s most appealing sight is its collection of Ottoman-style houses; a prime example is the eighteenth-century Skenduli House. We will visit The Old Bazaar where you can find handicrafts and souvenirs and enjoy a beer when the night falls.


Day 3: Saranda - Buthrotum - Tirana

Our third day of the trip will start with breakfast at the balcony of the hotel at the top of the city where we have a great view of the landscape. Than we will hit the road to Saranda, a city inhabitated since classical times. We will make a short visit to Blue Eye, a natural water spring in the highlands of the region. Then we will drive south to the lost City of Buthrot.

The legend says that it was name by the Bull totem 2500 years ago. Our  tour guide will tell you the history and architecture of the city, since it was builted by Epirotic ancient tribes and after influenced by hellens, romans, venetian and ottoman culture. We will enjoy seafood next to the turquoise waters in the city of Saranda. On our way to Tirana we will drive south through Albanian Riviera, the most scenic road of Albania. A short break in Llogara National Park where we suggest to try sheep’s yogurt with honey and walnuts. By the night we will be in Tirana.