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Imagine your trip to Italy, designed for lifelong memories

Italians have conquered the world. The Romans had a fair attempt thousands of years ago, but they have succeeded more in modern times. Italian handicraft has set the standard for shoes, clothing, furniture and cars. In the art world, Italians have made a huge impact and their opera and classical music is famous around the world. And Italian food like pizza, pasta, risotto, world class cheeses and excellent wine is found in homes all over the world

But Italian food will never taste as good outside Italy. That alone is a reason to visit. Its often simple, basic and incredibly tasty. In terms of food, the country is divided between north and south. Both are known for their specialities. In the south they base their food on simplicity, freshness and very often pasta. In the north you can expect them to use other grains more, like polenta, gnocchi and risotto. 

The north and south are different in more ways. Northern Italy has high mountains with snow-capped peaks, world class ski resorts and ski touring and hiking possibilities that will blow your mind. For bicycling you can go for the Alps, or you can travel further south to the more gentle, rolling hills of Tuscany.  Visit the romantic vineyards, volcanoes like Vesuvius or Etna on Sicily, the Sardinian beaches or big cities like Rome or Milan. 

Italy is a relatively small country in size, but it is packed with things to see and do. Need more for your checklist? The Dolomites, Venize, Florence, Lake Como, Naples, Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The list goes on. No matter where you chose to go in this country, one thing is for sure: your food standard will be changed for ever.  

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