The Top Attractions in the Fjord Norway Western Region divided into traveler types.

What kind of traveler are you? We have listed some great spots for three different kind of interests.
Check it out, to find out how you should visit Fjord Norway. 

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The Adventurous traveler
Do you like adventures and great selfies from scenic spots? You will feel like coming home in the West of Norway. If you like hiking, the challenge of going to the Pulpit Rock, Trolltunga (Troll´s tongue) or Preikestolen should be on your list in the southern parts going from Bergen or Stavanger. 

Going further north above Sognefjorden you have Sognefjellet, with Turtagrø hotel as base, or maybe the Sunnmore Alps with classics like Slogen. Romsdal should cover your need for challenges with the new classic route of Romsdalseggen. Going there you have ultimate view over Trollveggen and Romsdalshorn. A less known and crowded tip is going up to Sunndalsfjella, Trollheimen and Dovre. The spectacular Innerdalen Valley is amazing. You can easily reach these destinations from Molde or Ålesund. 

Ps Kayaking or fishing in the fjords and arcipelagos in this area is world class. Don´t miss it.

The Self Driving traveler
The national tourist routes are making your drive accessible and spectacular. The Atlantic Ocean Road, Geiranger - Trollstigen, Sognefjellet, Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, Gaularfjellet, Aurlandsfjellet, Hardanger, Hardangervidda, Ryfylke and Jæren is all placed in this stunning area. Just a short drive from major cities like Bergen, Stavanger or Ålesund. 

Drive one stretch and sleep in interesting spots. You can do it in a couple of days or you can reach all in a weekend. Forget buying art, you will get a scenic nature overdose just by driving in this area. The lights and colours can blow your mind. If you want to make a roundtrip of it. Fly to Oslo and see the inner parts of Norway as well. Highly recommended.

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The Cultural Traveler
The UNESCO World Heritage sites Nærøyfjorden and Geirangerfjorden is great examples on how people lived. See the famous stave churches of Borgund, Urnes or the little cozy one on Grip Island, a fishing village near Kristiansund. Stavanger and Bergen are great cities for the culture geek. Bryggen i Bergen is also a UNESCO world heritage site. If you love architecture you should visit the art noveau city of Ålesund. The Jugend city.

Explore the old fishing villages, see unique communities out in the north sea with stunning beaches and mountains along, or the Fjord cities like Flåm and Odda.

Western Norway, known as the Fjord Region should have something most peopl. The locals are ready to welcome you!