The Jungle Patrol

Nepal has a total of 11 national parks, 6 conservation areas and 2 wildlife preserves and these areas are all filled with exotic mammals, birds, butterflies, snakes, plants and flowers. This is the perfect country for the ultimate jungle experience. 

This small kingdom has extreme contrasts. From the arctic Himalayas in the north with it´s peek of 8848 meters above sea level (Mt. Everest) to the subtropical Terei lowlands in the south.

And it´s the southern belt you need to visit in order to find those lush green jungles.

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Among the tall grasslands and clay rich swamps you might find the Musk Deer, rhinos, hippos, orangutangs, the Royal Bengal Tiger or the Marsh Mugger Crocodile. And last but not least, cobras and pythons. Chitwan, Bardiya, Shuklaphanta and Parsa are all national parks to explore down here. 

Jungle trekking can be done on foot with a local guide or in a canoe down the rivers. There are options out there to go by a four-wheel drive or on an elephant. But going by car is invasive, so you might want to consider other options. 

As for the elephant, the issue is a lot more complex. Even though the government has made ethical restrictions on the use of elephants in tourism, there are still many that are treated poorly.

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But elephant tourism in Nepal is a major source of financing for the parks. They are crucial when it comes to rescuing endangered species and they are the best transportation for guards hunting for poachers. Elephant tourism is a key part in keeping One-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers alive. 

We urge you to be a part of elephant-friendly tourism and go see them in their natural habitat. If you still want to take an elephant tour, choose one where they are being used as walking guides and walk with them instead of sitting on them. 

The nepalese jungles are paradise for researchers, wildlife specialists and nature lovers. It is such an exciting place where a new wild being might appear around each corner. But we must always make an effort to leave our environmental footprint as small as possible.

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