The 7 best picks for unique winter adventures in Norway

Someone once said - "the coldest winter I ever had, was the summer in Norway!" This might be true, Norway is a winter destination, (even if it is very spectacular in the summer also). But anyway, we have listed 7 great picks for a real norwegian winter adventure!

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Skiing like a norwegian
Norwegians are said to be born with skiis on their feet. That is almost true, most norwegians know how to ski. 
Skiing in Norway can typically be divided in three categories: 
Cross Country skiing is the national sport. In the winter you have thousands of miles with prepared trails, ready for you to start your adventure. Some focus on training, and speed around, while many make a trip out of it. Bring a daypack and your family. Eat an orange and Kvikk Lunsj (Norwegian Chocolate - You´ll find it)

Alpine skiing is very popular in the many resorts of Norway. There are a lot of them like Trysil, Geilo, Oppdal and Strandafjellet. Great fun and a decent workout. If you need an instructor or rent gear you´ll find that.

Backcountry ski touring is the fastest growing ski categori at the moment. Walk up a mountain with randonnee-skis and skins, powered by your muscles only. Enjoy the marvellous view and ski down in untouched white powder. Try it, and see what we´re talking about. Be sure to use a local guide. This makes your trip safer and better. An alternative is to combine ski and sail. Ascend a mountain directly from a fjord.


Northern Lights in Norway
The Aurora Borealis is the most amazing light show you´ll ever see. Forget Vegas. Imagine standing outside in 25 degrees C below zero wondering why. Is it worth it? Then suddenly something happens. You feel it. The nightsky turns green and starts dancing. You will definitively think it is worth it, you will get emotional and urge for more. I have seen it so many times, and it always make me forget everything else. In fact it is hard to explain. Find a local guide and try it yourself. Northern Norway is probably the best destination for viewing Auroras in the world, because it hits the belt, and people live there - meaning the best spots are more easy accessible than other places that are more remote or south of the polar circle.

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Dog sledding
Be the manager of your own team. This team will most of the time do what you want, but each one have their own caracter and personality. Dog sledding is connecting to nature, but also connecting to yourself. You will learn so much and have a great nature experience. If you prefer being a passenger it is plenty of opportunities for that. Contact a local guide. As example Liv from Turgleder in Karasjok is excellent, and you can combine it with sami experiences and northern lights.

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Seasonal Fishery for cod in Lofoten.
Every year in february - march there is a Klondyke feeling in the Lofoten Islands. Hundreds of fishing boats race out early in the morning to get the best spots for fishing cod. The whole archipelago get full of life in the middle of the winter. Many of the fishermen makes a major part of their living in these hectic weeks. You can actually join some of them, and the whole package with cold fresh air, the big open sea and the small fishing villages full of life makes this a once in a lifetime experience.

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Røros Christmas Market.
The small town of Røros is an old mining community placed in the middle of the winter wonderland of Norway. If you want to find the christmas feeling I am sure there is no place in the world that is better. Fly to Trondheim and take the train to Røros, get the christmas feeling and combine it with great local winter adventures.

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Reindeer and sami experiences
The Sami people have been herding Reindeer for thousands of years. The traditional lifestyle was nomadic and going out to wide plains living in Lavvoos to watch their herd. Nowadays snowmobile is the prefered vehicle, and people live modern, but still spends periods out in the wild with the reindeer. The traditions are kept, and they provide a truly unique experience in the harsh arctic landscape. Here is an idea spend a week in the Sami people capital Karasjok and experience their traditions and other amazing activities

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Winter Storms in North Western Norway
The North Western Norway is incredible scenic with high peaks straight up from the fjords and the wild northern sea out to the west. The sea is warmed up by streams from the mexican gulf (!) and combined with cold air from the North this creates powerful storms. The thing about storms in this area is that people are prepared for it even tough some of the strongest hurricanes ever measured hit right here. The houses are built stronger and people are used to it, human beings adjust to their surroundings. I grew up in this area and I have had a lot of people visiting as years have gone by. (I have been working in the travel business for years) When this visitors have experienced a storm it always have been the one particular thing they have talked about. It is an experience highly underrated, but so real and hadns on that it will make a huge impression. Try it!

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I could have named so many more like ice fishing, snow cave sleep, ice hotels and others. Try one of these and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Or just say what you want, and get quotes from the best local tour operators in Norway