Recommended Backcountry Skiing destinations in Norway

This is a short guide to the alpine skiing areas in Norway. This is mostly for enthusiasts that love reaching summits powered by their own muscles.

1 Svalbard Islands

While Svalbard is remote and wild it is still easily accessible. Located between 74 and 81 degrees north, Spitsbergen and Svalbard is probably one of the most exotic skiing adventures you´ll find. Because of the light the best season is May-June. It´ll be a little different experience because of the armed guide protecting you from polar bears. And the transport to starting point will be by snow mobile or boat. The locals are welcoming and you will have a great time even when your not skiing. 

2 Alta region in Finnmark

One of the best starting points to your Alta skiing experience is Langfjordbotten. Located deep in the end of Langfjorden you´re surrounded by numerous mountains, and the best thing is that there is very few people around. You leave your own tracks up and down. The mountain heights are suitable for daytrips. There is not many local guides in Langfjordbotten, you´ll have to find them in Alta. 


3 Tromsø and Lyngenfjord

Lyngen, a short trip from Tromsø, is one of the best known and most popular back country skiing destinations in Norway. Often crowded, but not like in the States or Central Europe. This area have so many possibilities and mountains, so you can easily be by yourself. Be sure you have a local known guide going here. There have been some accidents and avalanches in the later years. 

4 Lofoten and Vesterålen Islands

In my opinion Lofoten and Vesterålen is one of the most beautiful places on earth. (I´ve been around, but of course not everywhere :) Steep mountains and a full panorama sea view makes the area very special for skiing. Because you have the ocean all around and rough weather conditions, it can be hard to know and understand where the snow is safer and better. We highly recommend a local guide here. You can stay at places like Hattvika Lodge or Svinøya Rorbuer, they will help you out.

Photo Hattvika Lodge.jpg

5 The Bodø region

Bodø is the northernmost stop for the Norwegian railway. Just above the polar circle you have many steep and beautiful mountains around. This is not the best known backcountry ski touring area in Norway, but it´s popularity is highly increasing as people discover the endless possibilties and stunning beauty here. For example Beiarn an Meløy is on the bucket list for many Norway enthusiasts.

6 The Helgeland Coast

This stretch actually starts in Bodø, but a trip down this coastline in search of snow and mountains might be the best decision you´ll ever make. Actually you can´t really call it a search. You have majestetic mountains all around. There are many villages and towns for you to stay in. We can recommend the area around the cities of Sandnessjøen, Mo i Rana and Brønnøysund towards Bindalen.

7 The Sunndalsfjella mountain range

This is the area for the hardcore mountain lovers. It actually suits everybody, but mountains are steeper and higher than further north. A typical ascant can be 1500 meters and the reward is stunning views. In Øksendalen you can stay at Phillipshaugen Lodge. A great location and run by avid skiers. Other places of interest is Virumsdalen/ Innerdalen and Jordalsgrenda.

Photo Phillipshaugen.jpg

8 The Romsdal Alps

The base for exploring Romsdalen are Åndalsnes and Isfjorden. In this area you can go to Vengedalen, Isfjorden, Innfjorden and many other great mountains. Go there by train from Oslo, or fly to Molde. Stay in ski lodges like Villa Vengetind, Romsdal Lodge or Hotell Aak. Kirketaket and Kjøvsgardstind are the best known summits here, but check out Skjervan, Middagstind, Nonstind, Hesten, Blånebba, Gjuratind and Smørbottentind as well as Store Trolltind. I promise they will all blow you away. 

Photo Norsk Gåsehud.jpg

9 The Sunnmøre Alps

Ålesund region with Strandafjellet and Hjørundfjorden was for decades a secret paradise, serving local ski enthusiasts and travellers in search of unique experiences. In the last five years the area have faced a revolution as movies location, and because of new concepts and a new professionalism making the area famous far beyond Norway´s borders. The development of Strandafjellet, Norway´s best free ride resort and new routes like Hjørundfjorden Haute Route have been a big part of that. The area is very popular for skiing and sailing concepts.


10 Jotunheimen

The Jotunheimen mountain range is home to Norway´s highest peaks like Galdhøpiggen, Glittertind and Store Skagastølstind. In the inner parts of Sognefjorden you find the famous hotel Turtagrø, and it´s a good base for skiing in mountains that goes higher than 2000 meters above sea level. Another great base to start is Spiterstulen close to Lom. There is established a route called Jotunheimen Haute Route, going from cabin to cabin, with great rides and summits along the way.