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Estonia has more similarities with it´s Northern neighbour Finland than it has with Russia, which it was dependent on for so long. Estonia is a perfect blend of Eastern European and Nordic. And the capital Tallinn is a perfect blend of old and new. You can walk down the winding, medieval streets of the Unesco-protected Old Town while getting online via free wireless internet. Estonia, often called e-Stonia, is a technology hub and the birthplace of many successful digital innovations, including Skype. This country is flourishing.

Traveling through Estonia is easy. In the summer it can even be done biking as it has short distances and not too much traffic. When you reach the coastline, you´ll have plenty to do. With over 2000 islands off the coast, there´s a lot to explore. Get on a guided boat ride, go windsurfing or dive down to one the many shipwrecks resting here.

Parnu is the summer capital of Estonia with long white beaches, cafes and bright colors. Book a room at one of the local mansions and let it take you back to the Edwardian age.

Over half of Estonia is covered with forest, so hiking and camping is a great way to get close to the stillness of nature and you won´t regret it once you wake up to a lungful of fresh, crisp air. Paddle across wild rivers and lakes, walk the sandy seashores and see if you can find tracks of the mighty animals that inhabit these areas. There´s a high density of lynxes, bears and wolves, although they are rarely seen.

These fairytale forests are just as beautiful during winter, when it´s dusted in ice. With the ponds and lakes frozen, you can get around skiing or skating, sledging or showshoeing. And instead of a tent, you can rent a cozy cottage with a sauna to get nice and warm after an adventurous day outside.

With a thriving start up scene, one of the fastest growing economies and their eyes on the future, Estonia is Europe´s rising star.

And with picturesque nature to go with it, Estonia is an adventure! 

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