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We recently went on a trip to Easter Island and traveled around the Santiago, Chile area. My trip was put together by Mario. I was traveling with my two adult sons and we wanted a “soft adventure” type trip. Mario booked great hiking, biking, cultural and beyond tours for us. I dreamed it and Mario made all of the arrangements. Mario is an excellent communicator, responded quickly to my e-mail questions and was able to dial-in on just the trip we wanted. Our guides were very well informed, fun and genuinely enjoyed being a guide.
— Terry ★★★★★


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Imagine your trip to Chile, designed for lifelong memories

From the driest desert on Earth, to rainy climate and all year tropical climate. Chile is wedged between the Pacific on one side and the Andes, the world´s longest mountain range, on the other. Patagonia in the south and Easter Island far out in the Pacific. Chile is shock-full of nature and adventures. Adrenalin junkies will have a blast here, but it´s a great travel destination for anyone. If skiing or watersports is not your thing, taking in the spectacular landscapes might be.

Chileans have a saying: those who hurry waste their time. These are words to live by while traveling this long and narrow country starting all the way down by the Antarctic, at the end of the world.

But there are still a few places you should put on your checklist. 

Lauca National Park is in the Northern part of the country. The highest lake in the world is found here, the beautiful Lago Chungará. Overlooking the lake are twin volcanoes with mere perfect cone shapes, making the view nothing less than breathtaking. These parts are home to a number of mammals including llamas, alpacas and cougars.  

Torres del Paine is a national park in the South region of Patagonian Chile. This area is all about mountains, lakes and glaciers. The top attraction is the Towers of Paine. The three granite peaks have through the years been shaped by the glacier ice and with the clear green water in front, it´s a stunning scene.

Halfway between Chile and Tahiti is Rapa Nui, more famously called Easter Island. This isolated island, world famous for 887 centuries-old Moai statues, has a tropical climate all year. The beaches  are great for sunbathing,  and the waters are phenomenal for diving and all kinds of surfing.  

The cities of Chile are many, diverse and interesting. Santiago, a centrally located capital with a cosmopolitan feel to it. Concepción, a port city famous for its music scene. Pucon, beautifully located and essential for adventure travelers. Valparaiso, bohemian and colorful. Pichilemu, surprisingly eventful and Chile´s all-year surfing capital. And Punta Arenas, at the Strait of Magellan and a starting point to see the famous penguins.

Chile is also famous for it´s wine. They export reds, whites and roses to all over the world and the bottles have found their way to the most sophisticated tables. But for Chileans it´s not about being fancy. It´s about sharing a good meal, with a nice bottle, in great company.

If you are lucky and find yourself at a table with locals, you will probably be with at least a few that speak English. A large number of them do. But Chileans are warm and sociable, so gesturing and a friendly smile with get you a long way.

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