Requirements for being a partner

  • First of all, your company must be located in the area where you take your visitors out on tours 
  • Your tours also has to fit into our concept and that entails acting responsibly towards both people and the environment. 

Benefits of being a partner

  • If you can check both boxes, our main focus will be providing you with quality customers.
  • Only when you´ve accepted a booking and earned your pay, will we be taking a small and flexible cut upon agreement.
  • No license or pre-payments. No need for adding or updating listings. No middlemen, you are in direct contact with customers

Take part in a global movement

  • Nanook wants to give the power back to local providers on behalf of the international tour-operators and all other costly middle-men. By requiring local ownership and responsibility we can make sure that the money travelers spend contribute to where they travel instead of somewhere else, and that environmental concerns are adressed. 
  • We believe that many small, local operators together can change the travel industry in a more sustainable direction. So far more than one thousand local companies in 62 countries are partner in the Nanook movement.

Say hello to some of our partners