You can work with us in two ways



Become a partner of Nanook


Requirements for being a partner

First of all, your company must be located in the area where you take your visitors out on tours 

Your tours also has to fit into our concept and that entails acting responsibly towards both people and the environment. 


Benefits of being a partner

If you can check both boxes, our main focus will be providing you with quality customers.

Only when you’ve accepted a booking and earned your pay, will we be taking a small and flexible cut upon agreement.

No license or pre-payments. No need for adding or updating listings. No middlemen, you are in direct contact with customers


Take part in a global movement

Nanook wants to give the power back to local providers on behalf of the international tour-operators and all other costly middle-men. By requiring local ownership and responsibility we can make sure that the money travelers spend contribute to where they travel instead of somewhere else, and that environmental concerns are adressed. 

We believe that many small, local operators together can change the travel industry in a more sustainable direction. So far more than one thousand local companies in 82 countries are partner in the Nanook movement



Get help developing your travel business


Make your business stand out from the crowd.

Responsible and authentic concepts will be the winners in the long run and we want to help you hard-working people shine. 

What you need is a solid strategy and strong communication skills. 

With our experience running an adventure company we know the pressure points for smaller travel businesses and destinations. And our experience from working with the worlds best concepts gives us valuable insight.

Our best areas is digitalization, customer journey and storytelling. 

We have worked with hundreds of travel companies and a handful of destinations around the world and have also founded travel concepts and have clients outside the travel sphere. This experience from working with the worlds best brands give us valuable insight.


Find the right experts

A wide range of industry experts and creative talent are ready to assist, help develop and lift your concept to new heights. We are not bothered of what current stage you are in. If you are starting something new, want to be better at what you do or if are seeking a restructuring of your business or destination. We start where you are today and make a strategy based on where you want to be.


focus on the things you love

Spend your time right. Bringing in help is a good idea, but hiring is expensive. Outsourcing services like marketing, content production, customer service and so on might be the smartest decision you´ll ever make. .


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