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What an amazing country Vietnam is! The coast is lined with incredible beaches, the rivers are awesome and the mountains will blow your mind.  But the people are the real reason for going. And the food of course. 

South Eastern Asia is known for it's cuisine, the Thai kitchen to mention one. But when you try Vietnamese, it is just different. The flavors and options are endless and locals and travelers go crazy for the street food. It´s like Vietnam took the best of Chinese and Thai and added their own spices and flavors and made it their own. It. Is. Awesome. 

Vietnam has enormous cities. Where history and modern culture blend together in a wonderful symbiosis. Where people on bicycles with a sheep on their lap is not uncommon. And where thousands of motorbikes makes a street crossing the challenge of a lifetime. After a couple of days there you'll be ready for the countryside.

For an adventure junkie Vietnam has endless adventures to chose from. Going down a river in a boat or kayak, hiking the mountains and hills, going deep in the dense jungles or surfing the waters. Lay down on a stunning beach. And stay until the sun colors the sky red before it sets in the ocean. 

Clear your schedule and book a trip to this magnificent part of the world! 

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