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Imagine your trip to Uzbekistan, designed for lifelong memories

Uzbekistan have been an important trade centre and hub for travels for thousands of years. The Silk Road was passing right trough the heart of this former Soviet state. Left are ancient cities, incredible architecture and a rich history. If you like sightseeing, there are no place in the middle Asia that have more sights and are more impressive. You will also be able to explore the more modern communist history, and it is impossible to leave the country untouched by the impressions.

The people are warm hearted and welcoming, really aware of their history and curious on the people visiting. You will feel appreciated and included. As a destination Uzbekistan is not typically high end in standards, the country is not rich and you must be prepared for basic simple living, even if it has choices also for the more demanding high-end traveler. I suggest that you focus on the high-end level of experiences when traveling there. You will explore things that your friends and colleagues have not. That is something to remember, rather than sleeping in a top notch bed every night. PS: It is no problem finding good needs and hospitality, like in the pulsating Tashkent, but you are not visiting Dubai here. Ok?

Naturewise, the country is diverse, one of the biggest attractions, the Aral Sea is disappearing, leaving big boats and ships stranded on the desert floor that used to be a lake. The mountains are impressive, stretching above 4000 meters and we recommend checking out the eco-tourism opportunities of the Nuratau Mountains. A great choice for your picky taste.

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