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On the northern side of the Himalayas lies Tibet, an autonomous region of China. Often referred to as "The Roof of the World", Tibet is home to the highest peaks on the planet including monumental Mount Everest. 

Traveling in Tibet is endlessly inspiring. But since independent travel is not allowed, you have to arrange for a permit and a guide to take you around. The extra costs of permits, guides and transportation has given Tibet the opportunity to offer tourists comfortable roads, airports and hotels in return. And although visiting this unique place requires slightly more planning, it will be worth it once you set foot there.

The aroma of the Yak-butter tea will immediately hit you, as it is a huge part of Tibetan daily life. Another thing that will strike you is the view. Having a front row seat to the Himalayas and its towering peaks is a dream come true for both travelers and adventurers.

Hike the high-altitude mountains among nomadic tents and colorful prayer flags draped along mountain ridges. You´ll see what´s so sacred about this place, no matter what your beliefs are.

Have your guide take you to one of the many monasteries, some of them cliffside, where you can walk around chanting monks and enjoy a cup of tea in the peaceful surroundings.

Tibet is not like anywhere else in China. After many years of oppression, the Tibetan people has kept their dedication and spirituality strong. And you´ll appreciate that the smiles on their faces is instantly contagious.

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One of those adventures that one should do at least once in life. Touring in Tibet was like discovering a mysterious piece of our planet. The company’s staff was absolutely amazing!
Friendly, prepared and with a very good English level.
In a word, I would recommend it. Not only to enjoy the natural and cultural diversity but also to spend some days under the company of some people that makes you feel part of the family!
Many thanks again!!!
— Klaus

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