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Incredibly friendly, very organized, outstanding guides, cannot recommend highly enough! We have taken two trips, and both exceeded expectations.
— Scott ★★★★★

Imagine your trip to Sweden, designed for lifelong memories

Home to Ingrid Bergman, ABBA and Pippi Longstocking, this beautiful country also has a landscape and surroundings that is the perfect backdrop for great adventures.

Located in the far north, between Norway and Denmark, this kingdom has a surprisingly temperate climate. You can experience all four seasons here, but with mostly mild temperatures all year around.

And even though the majority of tourists visit during summer, there are plenty of possibilities throughout the year. A large part of Sweden is forested. But there are plenty of big lakes suitable for fishing and canoeing, mountains with amazing hiking trails, sandy beaches and a spectacular coastline. During winter the north of Sweden is popular for husky or reindeer sledding, skiing, ice fishing, skating and seeing the northern lights.

You will never forget your first visit to this charming country!