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Imagine your trip to Spain, designed for lifelong memories

If you are looking for getting the full experience of Spain, you should move there. This country has so much to offer that it takes a lifetime to explore. Moving there is actually what a lot of people from Northern Europe do. Not strange.  The world class beaches, sun and bathing are for many the main reason, but that´s just a pleasant bonus of going there.

Spain is easy to love, and still complex in adventures and each region is unique. Let´s start with the culture. Lovely food, great wine. If you are a foodie, a special recommendation goes to the Basque parts of Spain, especially around San Sebastian. Not only because of all the Michelin stars in the area, but because of the local dishes, like pintxos. Tapas the Basque way - cheese and ham. Every town have festivals different cultural arrangements, and of course sports. 

Nature lovers have endless hiking possibilities. The pyrenees, Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Sierra Nevada in Andalusia. There are so many tracks and beautiful peaks, routes and charming stay overs. If you prefer bike, it is perfect wether you prefer tracks or road cycling. Climbers find their paradise and keep coming back. An example is the lovely little village of Siurana in Catalunya. The most picky surfers will find world class waves in Spain. The Canary Islands with Las Palmas or Northern mainland Spain will keep you busy for a while. Windsurfers and kitesurfer the same. Pozo izquirdo on Gran Canaria is probably the Mecca of windsurfing in Europe.

The cities are modern and lively, the nature is pristine. Explore Spain with the help of local experts.

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